A completed carpet last night in Huamantla. A completed carpet last night in Huamantla. reforma

There was no sleep in Huamantla last night

People were too busy creating intricate carpets of colored sawdust

The religious fervor of the people of the Pueblo Mágico of Huamantla, Tlaxcala, was evident after a sleepless night yesterday.


It wasn’t barking dogs or fireworks that kept people from their beds but the annual celebration known as “the night no one sleeps” when residents of the Magical Town stay up all night to create colorful and intricate designs using colored sawdust and other materials, such as glitter, sand, flower petals and moss.

The result are colorful handmade “carpets” that cover the main streets of the city, all in honor of La Virgen de la Caridad, a Marian title of the Virgin Mary, known elsewhere as Our Lady of Charity or Our Lady of El Cobre.

Families take to the streets early Monday night with makeshift utensils that will help them express the intricate designs already laid out in their minds, which take hours to finish.

“We all are ready to receive the virgin. This tradition changes but is not lost; every year, families find a way to make their carpets thanks to the faith they have in the virgencita,” said Alberto Montiel, one of many who help maintain an ephemerous yet lasting tradition in Huamantla.

Once their carpet is done, people wait for the procession of the virgin to arrive. The carriage in which she rides follows the eight kilometers of colorful designs and the procession takes all night to complete.


An estimated 300,000 visitors from across Mexico and around the world visit Huamantla every year during this special night.

Yesterday, many were drawn by a particular carpet depicting colorful butterflies over a bright green backdrop. Other popular designs created with sawdust and a little know-how were clay vases, flowers and the Virgen de la Caridad.

The night that no one sleeps is part of the Huamantla Fair celebrations held annually during the month of August.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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