Ahuacuotzingo, where this morning's attack took place. Ahuacuotzingo, where this morning's robbery took place.

Thieves kill seven for social program cash

Attack took place in the Center region of Guerrero

An assault this morning on federal agents delivering cash to a rural community in Guerrero left seven people dead.

The armed attack killed two staff from Bansefi, the federally-operated savings bank, and five municipal police officers from Ahuacuotzingo in the state’s Center region.

The Bansefi personnel were carrying cash for beneficiaries of the federal social program Prospera when they were attacked on a rural road near the community of Rincón de Cosahuapa.

They were being escorted by police from Ahuacuotzingo, which is situated about 100 kilometers east of the capital city of Chilpancingo.


A similar attack occurred June 1 when thieves ambushed another Prospera delivery to Coatlaco, Olinalá, in the Mountain region. Three municipal police died and the thieves got away with 3 million pesos (US $169,000).

The amount stolen today has not yet been revealed.

Source: El Sur (sp)

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