Yesterday's derailment in Veracruz. Yesterday's derailment in Veracruz.

Thieves remove track to derail and halt freight train

Train robbers in Veracruz came up with a new way yesterday of halting a freight train to steal its contents. They pulled up part of the track.

The subsequent derailment occurred early yesterday morning in Acultzingo, sending four cars and the locomotive off the rails. All five were damaged but there were no injuries.

Nor were there any arrests, although ongoing train robberies in the area have triggered patrols by the National Gendarmerie.

With the train inoperable, the thieves proceeded to unload and make off with tis cargo, although reports did not indicate what that was.

Rail traffic in the southeast was halted while workers removed the wreckage from the tracks.

Source: Debate (sp)

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