La Herradura mine in Sonora La Herradura mine in Sonora. fresnillo

Thieves stole 4.5 kilos of gold, not 300

Stolen gold worth about $165,000, says mining firm Fresnillo

Media reports late yesterday that an armed gang stole 300 kilograms of gold from a mine in Sonora have been denied by silver and gold producer Fresnillo.

The company said thieves got away with just 4.5 kilograms of gold and silver, valued at about US $165,000.

Initial reports said 20 people carrying high-caliber weapons and wearing masks and military gear detained a vehicle belonging to the La Herradura mine in Caborca and took a shipment of gold worth $11 million.

Fresnillo said no one was hurt in the robbery.

A Canadian-owned mine in Sinaloa was the target of thieves in April who got away with nearly a tonne of partially processed ore valued at $8.5 million.

Source: Reuters (en)

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