Trump protesters march yesterday in Mexico City. Trump protesters march yesterday in Mexico City.

Thousands march to protest Trump policies

Mexico City event drew 20,000, where many also voiced disapproval for Peña Nieto

Many thousands of people took to the streets in at least 15 Mexican cities yesterday to protest the policies of United States President Donald Trump, but many took advantage of the marches to voice their opinion of their own president.


With an estimated 20,000 people, according to Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera, the biggest march by far was in Mexico City.

“We are here so that Trump sees and is aware that an entire country, united, is rising up against him and his xenophobic, discriminatory and fascist stupidities,” a UNAM student told the AFP agency. “Mexico will not be his slave,” said Julieta Rosas.

The march was organized by Vibra México, an umbrella group of academic institutions and citizens’ and business organizations, which said it was time for citizens to join forces and speak out together “to express our rejection and outrage over the claims by President Trump.”

The organization said his “discriminatory and protectionist actions against Mexico will seriously affect our economy and threaten the rights and the safety of Mexicans here and there” in reference to Trump’s plans to build a border wall, his tougher immigration policies, threats of deportations and intention to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Many marchers carried signs with messages such as, “Trump, pay for your own wall” and “We love Americans, we hate racism.”

Another read, “Thank you, Trump, for unifying Mexico!”


While another, smaller march called Mexicanos Unidos, or Mexicans United, attempted to rally support behind President Enrique Peña Nieto for his stand against Trump’s threats, the Vibra Mexico event drew many participants who seemed just as opposed to their own president as they were to Trump.

They carried signs reading “Fuera Peña!” or “Out With Peña!” and chanted the slogan, too. Others chose to protest the January 1 fuel price increases and corruption. Said one sign: “Don’t be distracted, Mexico; with or without a wall they’re robbing us at home.”

The Vibra México march took place in as many as 22 cities, the organization said, although media reports counted 15. The largest after Mexico City was in Guadalajara, which drew some 10,000 people.

Other events were held in Monterrey, Morelia, Villahermosa, Mérida, Puebla, San Miguel de Allende, Aguascalientes, Pachuca, Colima, León, Irapuato, Ciudad Juárez and Tequisquipan.

Source: Animal Político (sp), Fox News (en), El Universal (sp)

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  • K. Chris C.

    Like protesting what a Muppet says and does, instead of the puppeteers controlling the puppet; Exactly what the puppeteers desire. And what of the the domestic puppets and puppeteers?!

    “We now return to our regularly scheduled cave shadows.”

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • K. Chris C.

    Also of note is that is this so-called “protest” were about corruption and maleficence, the gun and badge thugs would be out with dogs, teargas, and bullets. That the people are not being mowed down signifies that the “protests” actually serve power.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • Jumex

    Just what the Mexican Goverment wants. Ohh… LOOK over There… Corruption. (as the sheep look.)

  • Güerito

    The truth is that both marches were flops.

    The “Mexico United” march flopped because it was a transparent attempt to support a corrupt President with less than a 15% approval rating.

    And the “Mexico Vibra” march flopped because of their divided message – more than half of their formal demands were directed at reforming Mexico internally or criticizing EPN for his weakness against Trump.

    We’ll never know how many would have turned out for a pure Anti-Trump rally. But based on these numbers, it doesn’t look like a whole lot.

    Ho hum. Now Mexico can get back to protests against the real enemy: the ruling class in Mexico.

    • WestCoastHwy

      That’s 12% rating and dropping!

  • PeterAbelard

    Here is what Mexico could do:

    Create a Repatriation commission.
    Require all persons being deported to Mexico be cleared by this commission before being granted entry.
    Set up qualifications for that permission:
    Proof of employment
    Proof of solvency
    Proof of a place of residence.

    Slap huge fines on any transport company whose vehicles (planes, buses, etc.) arrive with uncleared persons.

    Send back to the U.S. anyone who is not cleared by the commission.

    • sturbain

      This is a specious idea Peter. If Mexico refused to take back its citizens, the US could respond overwhelmingly. The US could stop remittances of funds by banning all money transfers to Mexico, and temporarily halt all trade with Mexico. That would inconvenience many Americans – but it would shut Mexico down. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

      • collegeboy2007

        If US would ban remittances of funds to Mexico, there is another ways to circumvent that, I swear there is several ways to do it, for example: bitcoins. temporarily halt all trade with Mexico? bilateral relationship is about 500 000 000 dollars per year, about 8000000 of jobs in US depend on Mexican investment. Mexico is number 1 importer of produce from the US but Mexico can buy to another countries(farmers would lose everything), in fact, Mexico is looking for a country to substitute US right now. Also, Russia and China did some offers to Mexico. Many countries such as Spain, Russia, China, all Latin America, Germany, and more have expressed support and empathy to Mexico…so go ahead halt all trade with Mexico, by the way Mexico can finish all agreements about water(water for USA from Mexico), security, etc, go ahead, I would love to see this. If you think Mexico means nothing, think twice, there is more a lot to say.

        • sturbain

          Wow. There is so much wrong with this it is hard to know where to start. Bitcoin?? Are there a lot of bit coin terminals in Santa Maria de Las Montanas? Will Tia Guadalupe be able to cash her bitcoins for tortillas y frijoles? Of course not.

          Yes, a temporary halt to trade would hurt the US, but not much. The US economy is ten times that of Mexico. Canada, not Mexico is the largest trading partner to the US. And good luck finding another trading partner. I’m Canadian and can assure you that the US has vast economic power. If it uses it, it could crush either of our economies. Take your illegal citizens back. Don’t provoke the US.

          And darn it, why do Mexicans think they have the right to walk into any country they please? I was in Mexico when Canada imposed a visa requirement on Mexicans (because we were being flooded with fake Mexican refugee claims) and Mexicans were violently angry with me. Why? Being Mexican does not exempt you from the law. I apologize if my tone is strong.

      • collegeboy2007

        Mexico would not refuse to take back its citizens, do not be confused. The US government wants deport to Mexico not just Mexicans, but all other citizens from another country in Mexico even.

  • cooncats

    Let’s see, a population of 16 million and 20K turn out. That’s 0.125 percent and we don’t know how many were there because they hate Peña Nieto.

    The U.S. wanting Mexico to honor its immigration laws as Mexico expects us to honor theirs (and almost all of us do) is not the real issue or problem here. The elephant in the room is why the ruling class and oligarchy of several hundred families has stifled and stolen from this country so much that millions of Mexicans had to leave it to find a job. Keep that in mind when you see and hear these people fanning hatred against the U.S. for finally demanding the same respect for their laws that we are required of here.

  • WestCoastHwy

    Donald Trump hasn’t laid down any Card yet, so why are Mexicans thinking he has a Trump Card? Deportations are a Daily thing on both sides of the Border and NAFTA

    • David Williams

      Did you get some sort of discount on capital letters?

      • WestCoastHwy

        Mexican are selling them on Discount because Trump is not allowing Them Across the Border!

    • Hailey Mannering

      My take on this is that Trump violates the spirit of NAFTA when he cajoles firms out of investing in Mexico. My guess is that remaining passive will only encourage Trump. By buying fewer US goods and having M3xican leaders demand fair trade on agricultural goods, Trump will know Mexico can also play rough.

      • WestCoastHwy

        Economies are affected by Psychological and Sociological Mind Sets of which allows Religions to exist. If people believe that a Virgin gave birth to the Son of God, well, Trump can make people believe whatever to that extent.

        So, if you what to react to Trumps Godliness, just give all your monies to Israel and walk the Streets in a White Robe proclaiming yourself a Gentile.

  • sturbain

    Hilarious. Citizens of one country protesting that another country might have the temerity to enforce its sovereignty with a real border. That is just screamingly funny.

    Here’s what really has Mexican and Central American leaders worried… illegal immigration is a huge escape valve. If things get too bad for poor Mexicans or Salvadorans, one can always take the albeit dangerous journey to the promised land. There is hope. Close that border, and hope is gone. That’s when the revolution against monstrously corrupt Latin American politicians begin. And when Americans see the footage of barrios burning, they will conclude even more decidedly that building a wall was a heck of a good idea.

  • Hailey Mannering

    I think the demonstrators have shown their contempt for Trump´s insults. Now I think it´s time to find ways to buy as many Mexican products as possible. The US public wouldn´t likely notice, but the people in power in US would. If only some one can find a Mexican alternative to Coca Cola !

  • Arcan

    Long way to go before this wall is built and a lot can happen before then. Already projected cost has risen from $12 to $21 billion and by the time it ‘might’ get built could be anywhere between $30 to $50 billion. Then of course the annual cost of maintenance and operations. Few people believe that a physical wall is going to make any difference whatsoever so if it does go ahead it would just be a phenomenal waste of money and resources.

    Only 34% of Americans approve of the wall scheme and 60% do not. Thank heavens that sanity prevails among the American people if not in the White House. Of course Mexico has it’s own considerable problems but there is no reason they should not voice their opinion of this ‘so called’ President.

  • Güerito

    Trips to Mexico being canceled by folks who worry they won’t feel welcome in Mexico:

    “Eight percent of MAST Travel Network agents have clients who have recently canceled trips to Mexico, according to a member survey.

    “The intensifying issues of immigration, the border wall, and trade are, in my view, going to cause some customers to think twice about a vacation in Mexico if they feel they are not welcome,” said John Werner, president and COO of MAST. “I don’t believe anyone should feel that way, but based on our member survey, agents are hearing concerns from their clients.”

    The survey was conducted last week, and 166 members of the network responded.

    Of the agents who reported clients that had canceled Mexico trips in the previous two weeks, 20% said they rebooked another destination, and 80% said their clients postponed traveling.”

  • Louis Barbosa

    Actually I do not care if the US builds its wall, just do not insist that Mexico pay for your wall that Trump wants. U.S. tax payers are the ones that need to pay for their own wall. It will make us seek other markets and we will keep our people here. The country is already becoming a satellite of the Putin regime and is losing its position of leadership in the Free World. How can anyone think that a crooked and lying billionaire could make a good president is beyond me.

  • collegeboy2007