Oyameles, where two people were lynched Monday. Oyameles, where two people were lynched Monday.

Three more dead in Puebla lynchings

13 people killed by lynch mobs in the state so far this year

Three more suspected thieves have been lynched in two separate incidents in Puebla this week, bringing to 13 the number of people killed by citizens taking justice into their own hands.


Residents of Oyameles in the municipality of Tlatlauquitepec on Monday night accosted six presumed thieves of vehicles and automotive parts. The six were severely beaten, to the extent that two died at the scene.

The other four were hospitalized after they were rescued by state authorities.

Earlier on Monday at least 100 residents of Los Reyes de Juárez apprehended three men as they attempted a getaway in an allegedly stolen pickup truck.

The three were beaten and one died of his injuries. When state officials arrived at the scene they successfully negotiated the handover of the two other alleged robbers.

Four men lost their lives Saturday in a lynching in San José Tlacuitlapan after they were accused by local residents of breaking into a home.

Of the 13 lynchings in Puebla this year, 10 occurred in July and August.

Source: e-consulta (sp), El Sol de Puebla (sp)

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  • Hyrdflyr

    If the government won’t stop the crime the people will when it gets bad enough. The vigilantes of the old west put a stop to the criminals in the mining camps and frontier towns when the law wouldn’t or couldn’t do the job.

    • Garry Montgomery

      and the innocent died along with the outlaws . . . but yes, no police or corrupt police and the people will eventually take the law into their own hands.

  • Garry Montgomery

    The problem of vigilante action is as old as Mexico, police or not. The first thing a Mexico cop told me when I drove criss cross country from Sonoyta o Tulum was, “When you get out into the country side if a kid runs in front of you chasing a ball and you hit him, DON’T stop. Just get the hell out of there because innocent or not if the kid’s dead or just hurt, you’ll be lynched and your car burned before the police arrive.”