El Chapo after his capture this morning. El Chapo after his capture this morning.

Tip about armed men led to El Chapo’s fall

Sinaloa Cartel's second in command was also arrested

Few details have been released regarding the capture this morning of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, one of the world’s most-wanted men, but reports indicate that it was triggered by a citizen’s tip to police about the presence of armed men in a home in the city of Los Mochis.


When federal security forces approached the building the occupants opened fire. News of the gunfire appeared on Twitter when residents posted warnings to others to remain in their homes, while helicopters patrolled overhead.

Guzmán was not the only big catch of the day.

Also arrested was Iván “El Cholo” Gastélum Cruz, identified by the federal government as the Sinaloa Cartel’s second in command.

Gastélum has been identified as heading efforts in northern Sinaloa to defend the interests of the cartel against rivals, and is also known for his romantic relationship with Miss Sinaloa 2012, who was killed in November last year.

Reports at the time said María Susana Flores Gamez, 20, died when cartel gunmen used her as a shield during a shootout with soldiers in Guamuchil, her home town.

More recently, Gastélum is believed to have been instructed by Guzmán to defend the cartel’s northern frontier in Sinaloa against incursions by cells in Sonora of the Beltrán Leyva Cartel, who have been attempting to take control of Sinaloa Cartel territory.


El Chapo was reportedly fighting on two fronts since his prison escape in July: combating the Beltrán Leyva gang and trying to evade capture.

Navy officials said two armored vehicles and firearms were seized during Guzmán’s arrest. According to El Universal, photos suggest that the cartel boss and his associates had an enormous arsenal in the house where they were hiding.

Among the arms were two 50-caliber weapons capable of piercing armored vehicles and a rocket-launcher.

Today’s events were greeted warmly by Mexican politicians and other officials, as well as the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. “Today is a great day for justice and for the objectives of Mexico and the U.S.,” said a spokesman.

Guzmán staged a spectacular escape from the Altiplano federal prison on July 11, making his getaway through a 1.5-kilometer-long tunnel that connected his cell with a nearby house.

The elaborate structure was equipped with a motorcycle on rails to allow for a swift exit.

Several prison officials and guards have been implicated in the escape and are in custody, including the warden and the national director of prisons.

It was Guzmán’s second jailbreak. He escaped from a federal prison in Jalisco in 2001 while serving a 20-year sentence after his arrest in Guatemala in 1993, and spent the next 13 years eluding capture.

But capture eventually came in February 2014 when he was arrested in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Source: El Universal (sp), Milenio (sp), Excélsior (sp)

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  • Citizen87654

    “Mission Accomplished” jinxes a situation ever since GWB said that about the Iraq war. Nonetheless, I’m glad they got this guy… again. Better put him somewhere secure like extradited to the US.

    • America f Yea

      Why the Yanks will cut a deal with him for info on other gangs and dirty politicians?

      • Citizen87654

        Good point.

    • Tony Wolf

      Get over it. Move on. GWB may be a moron but we were safer. No ISIS, no Syria war, No Libyan civil war, no Arab Spring, No Yemen civil unrest (Saudi-Iranian Proxy war) and nobody dared to attack us like in San Bernardino. All these wars create a power vacuum ripe for power hungry people with guns — like the extremists who hate freedom.

      • Citizen87654

        Yeah, safer in the US if you put aside 9/11. The stuff you list are Muslim issues – Sunni-Shiite stuff’s been going on for 1400 years. I was just saying Bush jumped the gun – he did similar when he said Brownie was doing a heckuva job with Katrina response. We had nothing to do with the Syria civil war unless you want to say Al Gore was responsible because after he invented the internet oppressed people could see how other people lived. At least Obama hasn’t been so anxious to get us involved in Muslim wars.

        • Tony Wolf

          We have nothing to do? Really? Hey we supported the “rebels” from the start. We backed them with weapons and money. We even supplied our enemy Al Qaeda AKA Al Nusra with guns and ammo. This is tantamount to treason because we are still at war with them in Afghanistan.

          About the oppressed people. Do you know any Syrian before the war? Majority were never oppressed. In fact, Syria was a tourist destination. It was secular, meaning Christians, Muslims, Kurds enjoy relative peace. Syria was a very beautiful and culturally rich. Ordinary folks lived normally and had access to food, education, medicine and entertainment.

          The only oppressed group in a dictator-ruled country are the opposition. I would rather have 1000 politically-motivated deads than expose millions to hunger, death, destruction, etc…

          Come to think of it, Russia, China, and other socialist country back in the 80s were even more oppressive. If we had today’s mentality, those countries would probably end up like Syria and Libya.

          • Citizen87654

            a civil war is defined as a war between people in a country. you guys were whining because Obama wasn’t getting involved then whined when he did. Obama took a long time before giving them any weapons (small arms) – by the time he did, al qaeda was there.

            Muslims have been fighting since Muhammad died. We need to stay out of their affairs. If we do anything it should only be getting non-muslims out of those God-forsaken countries. Has we done that 3000 Yazidis wouldn’t have been kidnapped/killed/raped by ISIS.

            Read about Hama Massacre – had nothing to do with US. Syria has been bad for a long time. Someone always gets short end of stick with Muslim dictators but all goes to he// when they’re gone.

          • Harry Robinson

            I can see you have no clue as to what brought on all the violence. Clue: Arab Spring, Obama/ Clinton and CIA sponsored regime change in several Arab countries. Was a total disaster!

          • Harry Robinson

            Assad has always protected the Christian minority in Syria. Obama and Hillary Clinton had a had a hard on about bringing on what would be called the “Arab Spring” which turned out to be a total disaster for the Mid-East!!! All the violence and killing there is a direct consequence of Obama/Clintons “Arab Spring” They were successful in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and the Syrian uprising is still being played out. The hundreds of thousands of deaths that Pres. Obama and his Sec. of State are responsible for is mind boggling!

        • Peter Antonocci

          obama has a better idea. why get involved in wars over there when you can just bring the muslims over here and set them loose in the streets, fueled by food stamps and free housing? now they can start reproducing right here in obamas’ great satan, some have even brought the next generation of refugeehadists with them!

        • Harry Robinson

          You have no clue! Saying Obama was not involved is a joke because he is responsible for this mes with his “regime change by way of Obama/Clinton/CIA inspired and payed for :Arab Spring!

          • Citizen87654

            I guess there’s a chance of it considering the CIA brought down the WTC. Good to know Cheney/Bush let it go for 8 years.

      • theSavage

        Tony Wolf
        Most if not all were created by the father and creator of terrorism, Georg W Bush. The world will never be the same after the lies they told to start the Iraq war he spread his bad seed everywhere and brought the U.S. to its knees creating also the worlds great recession that we may never get out of thanks to the GOP who continued we’re Bush left off, lying, cheating and stealing votes.

        • Tony Wolf

          The problem is misinterpretation of the term WMD and it is not limited to nuclear bombs but also includes chemical weapons. 50,000 to 100,000 Kurds were gassed during the “Anfal offensive” in the 80s. So, Bush never lied because you can’t just make something that exist disappear especially truckloads of chemicals and labs.

          About the stupid decision to invade, let’s be reminded that The POTUS cannot do much without the approval of congress and senate. The second gulf war (Iraq War Resolution of 2002) was a joint resolution. Congress and Senate had almost split number of Democrats and GOP at that time until 2007 when the Democratic party took the majority. In short, if indeed it was a lie, everybody lied both democrats and republicans.

          • Ted Barbaras

            That is incorrect the POTUS can ultimately decide to delcare war in a time of need without approval of Congress.

          • Tony Wolf

            Yes, but it wasn’t the case back in 2002. That’s what I meant by ” cannot do much” because even if he did, he would probably be impeached. Iraq war 2 was a joint resolution.

          • Harry Robinson

            Don’t say yes to that idiots comment,only CONGRESS has the power to declare wars! read the Constitution!!!!! Since they have the power to allocate funds for military action , the founders left it up to Congress to declare war!

          • Lewis Goudy

            So Viet Nam and Korea weren’t “wars”?

          • Harry Robinson

            Legally they were a “police action”. I know you may find it hard to find a difference but there is. Congress may not have declared “war” but they gave the President a limited power to wage war by passing the “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution”, just as was done on Sept 18, 2001 with the AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force) for action in Afganistan and in 2002, the” Authorization for Use of Military Force in Iraq”. You seem to forget that in America we are NOT ruled by a Dictatorship although Obama may have been pushing the envelope a tad bit. Korea was a police action initiated by the United Nations.

          • Harry Robinson


          • Ted Barbaras

            You are very very wrong. The top General in command is the president and he can in act war in a time of crisis without congress. You are obviously not so well educated. Looking from the caps lock button and the numerous typos.

          • Harry Robinson


        • Harry Robinson


      • Dave Phillips

        Tony Wolf, do you not understand that ISIS are actually Saddam’s thugs? Their mission is to regain the power, control, and wealth they had before GWB deposed Saddam. Had W not done that, and had Saddam maintained his dictatorship, there would be no ISIS.

        • Tony Wolf

          Yeah. They were Saddam’s thugs that were able to regroup after we pulled out and allowed them to raid army bases filled 100 humvees, half a dozen tanks, APCs, artillery and other US weapons that was supposedly for the mostly Shia Iraqi army.

          The question here is why did we placed them all in the northern part of Iraq and not in Shia- held Southern Iraq were it is controlled by the Iraqi government?

          The answer is …(drum roll…) Saudi Arabia, our main oil supplier is Sunni. Indonesia, the home of Obama’s step-father and home for 8 years is also 99% Sunni!

          IMHO, I think the U.S. left all the weapons for the Sunnis so they can use it against Assad, the number enemy of the Sunni and Arabs. Take note that the border town Abu kamal, Syria is just 282 km away from Ramadi, Iraq. Is that just a coincidence?

          Yes, Had W not deposed Saddam, Iraq would still be a beautiful and rich country. Some countries and culture are not meant for western democracy.

          But, Had Obama not intervened and assisted “rebels” in secular secular Libya under Qaddafi, secular Egypt under Mubarak and Assad’s secular Syria , the people of these countries would still be in enjoying limited freedom, unlimited access food and education compared to what is going on now.

      • G.b. Adams

        Youre a moron… All of this started when that little Viet Nam draft dodger turned over the applecart in Iraq.

        • Ted Barbaras

          yes he got the ambassador in Lybia killed as well didn’t he.

          • we aren’t being attacked by isis because of benghazi ya dumb fox viewer. you sound like a retarded fat parrot.

        • The terrorists were on the run back then … and the battle was primarily abroad.

  • galacticcannibal

    The world’s largest population of drug addicts who have money to buy the drugs are the Americans. El Chapo was a supplier . And the Taliban in Afghanistan will profit from this year’s biggest crop of poppies to supply the drug addicted Americans. Even after the US military spent 14 years fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. The whole drug war is an absolute failure and a sick joke. And we blame everyone except our fellow American ravanous addicts who buy these drugs.

    • Tony Wolf

      I have Scandinavian in-laws. They told me that they have fewer addicts and less crime compared to other European countries because they have state-funded heroin clinics. Addicts just go there whenever they need a fix. Addicts no longer need to stress over finding the next fix and commit crime.

      IMHO, Addiction is human nature. If the government stops the drug war and legalize drug use in certain areas such as clinics and sanitariums, drug use would not be viewed as cool anymore by the rebellious kids but as an illness… like Tuberculosis or leprosy back in the days.

  • ____

    Drugs win.

  • abcdefgqwerty

    This guy looks like he was living the life before he got caught. Small run down hotel room, pitch black white T he hasnt washed in months. Probably smells like manure. Doesnt look like the most powerful drug lord in that picture

    • Too many armed would cause suspicion, and that was what brouht him down anyway.

      • Phaedrus Shakespearos

        Very good arm chair analysis, I’m sure you would do things different.

        • Yes, I imagine that I would, Phaedrus. I’m too much of a chicken to choose a career that requires murdering one’s competitors! I sat my butt behind a desk for many decades, paid my taxes and now live on Soc|Sec. I didn’t have the excitement (?) that Shorty experienced, but I’m happily married for 40 years to the same woman. I have no regrets about the life that I’ve led/ Somehow I doubt that Mr. Guzman would say the same.

          • Phaedrus Shakespearos

            Sorry for the ..late reply.

            Very well said, here here! Another, its all about me day!

    • wafle7350 .

      he tried to escape through the sewers, probably why his shirt is so disgusting, tough the person itself is disgusting himself.

    • Harry Robinson

      Offcourse his t-shirt is filthy,he again tried to escape through a tunnel when the Mexican Marines were spotted. After he surfaced from the tunnel he stole a car , and THEN he was caught. What would you look like after crawling through a dirt tunnel?

  • grammaob

    reminds me of Hussain when he was caught.

  • Peter Antonocci

    this is like a television series, where the whole point is to drag it out into as many episodes as possible, until people lose interest and stop watching. i wonder if he has enough money and power left to be released…o woops…i mean “escape” again. i doubt it. this might be one of the final episodes in a poorly written mexican mini-series.

  • Happygirl

    I have to chuckle when three quarters of the comments are not on the article’s subject but rather on American actions in the Middle East , American politics, American politicians… Finger pointing and name calling…geez you guys turn everything into your agenda.

    El Capo’s photo should be used to warn the young of what the cartels are really about and where they will end up in the end…dirty, cornered, angry, humiliated, handcuffed and alone.

    • Phaedrus Shakespearos

      So true but I fear they will not get that message!..the message they do get is Vamos Norte, where there is always a market for dim bags and pitbull puppies.

  • Ross Banick

    While it would be easy to hide RPGs and 50-caliber sniper rifles, hiding two armored vehicles might be a bit difficult. I supposed you can drive them inside a big truck and move them into a big garage at night – but – still I’d like to see a picture of how they accomplished that feat.

  • PintorEnMexico

    He’ll have a long stay in the US, unless DTrump wins the presidency, then he’ll deport him.

  • Larry

    Bill Cosby did it

  • Herradura Plata

    Apparently Mexican security forces gained info on Chapo´s whereabouts through contacts he had made while pursuing a fantasy about making a movie of his “life and times.” This from Mexico´s attorney-general, who in a press conference Friday also reported that Chapo Guzmán initially escaped arrest by fleeing through the municipal sewer system, before being aprehended travelling on the Los Mochis-Navalato highway.

    • Phaedrus Shakespearos

      He must have caught the Hollywood bug. I guess he is not going to take down ISIS now.

  • 1mannyman2

    Chapos capture goes to show the world what cowards this thug and his gang really are. Chapo and his right hand man had a cache of weapons, boasted about how they’d fight to the death to avoid recapture and then left the lower echelon flunkies to defend their freedom while he & #2 were running from the confrontation to a sewer, just like the rats they are.

    • Phaedrus Shakespearos

      The were probably too busy entertaining cute blond prostitutes from El Norte