Salgado's home in Tlahuac. Salgado's home in Tlahuac. Security camera locations have been indicated in red.

Tlahuac mayor’s house violates regulations

Possible links to Tlahuac Cartel are being investigated

The mayor of the Mexico City borough of Tlahuac built a large, three-story house in a largely rural and undeveloped zone of the district that violated land-use regulations, raising further suspicions about his alleged links to organized crime.


Mexico City Secretariat of Urban Development and Housing (Seduvi) regulations permit a maximum of two stories in the zone and require that 40% of that land remain unoccupied, both of which were breached in the construction of Rigoberto Salgado’s home.

None of the other houses in the area comes close in terms of size, design or building materials to the home Salgado had built over a period of a year and a half.  The almost 7,000-square-meter structure is equipped with a sophisticated seven-camera video surveillance system and is also guarded by security personnel.

As mayor of the borough on Mexico City’s southeastern fringe, Salgado receives a monthly salary of 70,000 pesos (US $3,927), raising questions about how he was able to afford to build such a large house.

One possibility currently under investigation is that he had links to the former boss of the Tlahuac Cartel, Felipe de Jesús Pérez Luna known as El Ojos (the eyes), who was killed in a confrontation with Marines on July 20.

The newspaper El Universal reported that five people who had close connections to the slain capo were on the mayor’s payroll, a claim that is currently being investigated by federal authorities.

Salgado, who represents Morena, the party led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador that is currently leading the polls for next year’s presidential election — is also under investigation for conflicts of interest and irregularities in the awarding of contracts to people who had helped him financially in his election campaign.


There is another investigation under way into the use of public funds, personnel and materials to renovate a seafood restaurant allegedly owned by Salgado. La Carreta del Pacífico was one of the places where moto-taxi operators said they paid weekly protection money to the slain cartel boss, El Ojos.

Salgado appeared before the Mexico City legislative assembly today to answer questions about rising crime levels in the borough.

Local deputies said he should resign, but he declined to do so, denying any connection with criminal organizations.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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