18-month-old Abraham is removed from well on Sunday. 18-month-old Abraham is removed from well on Sunday.

Toddler rescued from 8-meter-deep well

Rescue team spent hours tunneling down to reach the 18-month-old boy

Rescuers plucked an 18-month-old toddler Sunday from a dry well in Pénjamo, Guanajuato, after he was trapped for over 10 hours.

The child fell eight meters into the narrow well around noon and a rescue team arrived soon after for what was to become a strenuous operation.

While an excavator dug a tunnel, paramedics kept the young boy hydrated with a feeding tube and provided oxygen through another.

Extracting young Abraham from the well was a complicated maneuver because he was buried from his waist to his feet in rubble that fell at the same time he did.

It was a few minutes after 10:00pm when the rescue team was able to reach him after digging a tunnel that allowed them to approach the well from the side.

Abraham was transported to a nearby hospital but other than being famished he was in perfect health and released shortly after.

One of the rescuers, a member of the Guanajuato state emergency system, said rescuing someone alive, particularly a child, was a “priceless” experience, and a very special one for rescue personnel.

A key element of the rescue team was Grupo USAR-GTO, one of three units in Mexico that specializes in search and rescue involving collapsed structures.

Source: Sipse (sp), Milenio (sp)

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