netflix internet speed index The Netflix index for Mexico in December.

Totalplay offers best Internet speeds

With an average of 3.53 Mbs it towers over Telmex' 2.09

Which is the best option among high-speed Internet providers (ISPs)? Totalplay, according to Netflix’s Internet speed survey for Mexico.

The company owned by Grupo Salinas has the highest average connection speed at 3.53 Mbs (megabits per second) on the Netflix survey for December. That’s fine if you live in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Morelos, Toluca or Celaya. If not you’re out of luck — for now, at least.

In second place is Axtel Extreme with average speed of only slightly less at 3.44 Mbs. But if you’re like most and a customer of Telmex, your Internet speed is down in the basement at 2.09 Mbs.

According to a report in El Financiero, Grupo Salinas has announced plans to increase its Totalplay coverage to more cities. And AT&T’s current expansion in Mexico will bring additional competition, which should mean better connections.

Totalplay is not just No. 1 in Mexico, but its average speed beats those of the top-rated ISPs in the United States and Canada.

Netflix is the most popular movie and TV show streaming service in the world: during peak hours it uses 34% of U.S. Internet capacity so it takes an interest in the speeds offered by the ISPs that carry its data.

Source: El Financiero (sp)

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