Garza Ávila: missed his appointment for facial surgery. Garza Ávila: missed his appointment for facial surgery.

Trafficker planned to have plastic surgery

Gulf Cartel chief in Tamaulipas arrested in State of México

A Tamaulipas drug trafficker’s plan to avoid capture through plastic surgery cost him his freedom in Naucalpan, State of México, this week.

David Garza Ávila, identified as the Gulf Cartel’s operations and financial chief in Tamaulipas, was arrested after authorities got wind of his plan to undergo plastic surgery on his face at a Mexico City hospital.

Described as extremely violent, Garza Ávila is believed to have been responsible for moving drugs into the United States and for having ordered various executions in the municipalities of Reynosa, Ciudad Mier and Río Bravo.

The 28-year-old, also known as El Diablo or The Devil, and three others were arrested without incident. The National Security Commission said in a statement that a rifle, ammunition, a kilogram of what is believed to be crystal meth and 10 kilograms of what appeared to be marijuana were seized.

Garza Ávila is believed to be a key collaborator of Gulf Cartel boss Juan Manuel Lozano Salinas, known as El Comandante Toro.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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