The electric bus demonstrated in Mexico City. The electric bus demonstrated in Mexico City.

Transit officials get a look at electric bus

Vehicle that was converted from diesel gets a demo in Mexico City

The prototype of a public transit bus that was originally powered by a diesel engine and then converted to a 100% electric vehicle made its first test run last week before government officials and transportation companies in Mexico City.


The electric bus is the fruit of over a decade of research by the Guadalajara-based firm Advanced Power Vehicles, led by industrial designer Alfonso Hernández Olmos.

In Mexico City, Hernández demonstrated his zero-emissions vehicle before representatives of public transportation firms and the city’s Metrobus passenger transportation system.

During the test run the bus towed a trailer weighing between 25 and 30 tonnes, which reportedly replicated real-life conditions of a bus full of passengers.

The vehicle’s 340-hp motor is powered by a 250-kilowatt lithium battery that gives it a range of 60 kilometers and speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

Hernández said the motor is capable of moving cargo of up to 31 tonnes at speeds of up to 60 kilometers an hour.

He also stated that the final product will be customizable to a client’s needs.

“It was important to us to have a prototype ready to convince clients in order to achieve a transition to electric vehicles,” said the entrepreneur, adding that private funding is needed for that transition as well as the collaboration of government officials.

While the heavy-duty electric vehicle market in Mexico is non-existent, Hernández is confident that the trend worldwide is to support the technology in benefit of the population at large.

Source: Silicon Week (sp)

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  • alance

    Electric streetcars or trolleys were once the chief mode of public transit in hundreds of North American cities and towns. Most of the original urban streetcar systems were either dismantled in the mid-20th century or converted to other modes of operation, such as light rail. Today, only Toronto still operates a streetcar network essentially unchanged in layout and mode of operation.

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.
    The more things change the more they stay the same.

    • Mike S

      What you say is correct. But those electric trolley buses required an ugly spaghetti of overhead lines and some ran on steel rails. Many of these ugly systems are still in operation in some big cities. SF still has them. These new buses are self contained with lithium battery packs that can be quick charged every few hours. They are quiet and efficient. Routes can be easily altered to meet changing needs. Diesel should be banned from high density city centers.