The new, expanded 3de3 website. The new, expanded 3de3 website.

Transparency website casts a broader net

Politicians at all levels can now make public their personal assets

A website where politicians running for office could make a public declaration of their assets and interests was not a big hit earlier this year. Nonetheless, the site has expanded and broadened the net.

Legislador Transparente, or Transparent Lawmaker, was launched in February to offer federal senators and deputies the opportunity to declare their personal assets, their interests and tax information.

Some bought in to the idea, most didn’t. But that hasn’t tempered the ambition of the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (Imco) and Transparencia Mexicana, the organizations behind the project, to include government officials at the state, municipal and even federal cabinet levels.

The new site, at, invites politicians at all levels to join in and share their personal financial data. The exercise, its boosters say, seeks to create a new political class, one in which the public can be confident that it will make decisions based on what is best for the country.

Although as of today just 114 have stepped up to the plate, support appears to have grown somewhat, particularly at the state level. All nine new governors elected on June 7 made their declarations, as did six of the Federal District’s 16 borough chiefs.

But as for senators, only 11 of the 128 have joined the transparency movement, joining 55 of the 500 federal deputies. As for mayors, 18 out of more than 2,400 have made their declarations. Just a handful of state deputies have signed on.

At the cabinet level, which includes everyone from the president and cabinet secretaries to the heads of federal bodies such as the Federal Electricity Commission and Pemex, none has yet bared all on the new site.

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