Mondelez brands: gum will be all Mexican. Mondelez brands: gum will be all Mexican.

Trident, other brands will be 100% Mexican

Mondelez's Puebla factory will source all its gum base from Mexico

Trident, Chiclets and other brands of chewing gum will be 100% Mexican by early next year.

Mondelez International, a multinational confectionery, food, and beverage company with four manufacturing plants in Mexico, is switching to base gum from Mexico rather than the United States, and expects all its gum to be Mexican by the first quarter of 2018.

“We started the gum certification process this year, and beginning in 2018 gum produced in the Puebla plant will be 100% Mexican,” said Mondelez executive Alberto Flores Callejas.

The company is investing US $34 million this year in its four Mexican plants, part of an investment program that has injected a total of $133 million in Mexico since 2014.

Part of the investment has been allocated to transform the Puebla plant so it can produce powdered beverages as well as candy and gum.

Mondelez has a similarly equipped plant in Poland but decided to focus on Mexico given that it represents one of the firm’s most dynamic revenue sources, along with India and Vietnam.

Mexico is also attractive because it is the second largest market in the world for chewing gum, behind the United States.

Puebla plant manager Cristiano Fernandez said that while the company plans to produce 100% Mexican chewing gum by next year, the goal is already 95% complete.

The factory produces 80,000 tonnes of chewing gum a year, 52% of which is exported to 26 countries. The firm’s flagship brand is Trident, representing 70% of its sales. Other brands include Clorets, Chiclets and Bubbaloo.

In addition to Puebla, Mondelez has manufacturing plants in Nuevo León, state of México and Mexico City.

Chewing gum has a long history in Mexico. The Mayans and the Mexicas, or Aztecs, figured out how to harvest chicle, a resin extracted from the sapodilla tree.

Source: El Economista (sp)

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