The offending taxi driver. The offending taxi driver. tamara de anda

Trolls target journalist over harassment case

Twitter trolls rally in aid of taxi driver fined for catcalling

Journalist Tamara De Anda has become the target of online trolls after reporting an incident of sexual harassment to authorities.


De Anda was walking alone in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City on March 15 when a taxi driver catcalled guapa, meaning beautiful or hot.

After De Anda responded by telling the driver “Nobody asked for your opinion,” a heated discussion followed in which De Anda pointed out she could report him for an administrative offence. Just as the conversation was taking place, a transit police officer passed and De Anda reported the incident.

Both parties accompanied the officer to the Buenavista office of the Juzgado Cívico, or Civil Court, where De Anda made her official report while narrating the entire process in real time via her Twitter account.

The taxi driver was fined but refused to pay, choosing instead to pass the night in the Mexico City detention center known as El Torito, usually reserved for drunk drivers.

In the newspaper El Universal, to which she is a regular contributor, De Anda subsequently wrote, “I thought that would be the happy end to my story.”

She was wrong.


The issue blew up on Twitter, becoming a trending topic. De Anda received considerable support for her stance, including a comment from federal politician Cecilia Soto, who wrote that “thanks to @plaqueta [De Anda’s Twitter handle] a lot of women are now aware of Article 23 of the Civic Culture Law,” she was subjected to a far greater number of negative responses.

She was variously described as a “feminazi,” a bitch, ugly and having serious psychological problems. Others wrote that she had exaggerated, that the taxi driver’s comment was a compliment and that she should be grateful for being called beautiful.

De Anda has since stated that she also received death and rape threats in the aftermath of the incident.

U.S. journalist Andrea Noel was subjected to a similar online reaction after she was sexually assaulted in the same Mexico City neighborhood in 2016. She felt so unsafe she decided to leave the country.

In the latest twist in the saga, several Twitter users falsely claimed that De Anda had been caught up in the terrorist attack in London despite being safe and well in Mexico City.

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  • K. Chris C.

    A self-righteous propagandist. Well isn’t that the kettle calling the pot black?!

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • Lordy! A cabbie called her good-looking! Oh, the shame!

    • VOT

      You obviously don’t get it. Women have to hear this from men on a daily basis and is not cute, it start at around the time we turn 12 and goes on until we are about 45. It’s very annoying because it comes from all kinds of men, from men old enough to be your grandpa to men that are 4 times our size. This woman had enough one of those days and snapped on the first disgusting guy that she could. It’s one thing being called hot by the guy you are dating, and something totally and completely unwelcome when coming from all kinds of random men

      • Welcome to the human race, honey bun.

        • VOT

          Human race? Please sweetie, this interestingly tends to happen way more often in underdeveloped countries, so it’s not a human race thing, it’s an education thing honey bun. I have been to Mexico, lovely country, but not in a million years I envy those women that have to live there long term. Sorry to tell you, but in the U.S. I felt way safer, men will still say things, but much more rarely, which is why I know it’s not a “human” race thing, it’s a cultural thing that can be changed and should not tolerated, I’m sure you expect the same kind of respect and safety for the women and men that you love.

          • Who you calling an “underdeveloped” country? Dem’s fightin’ words.

            But you are right about one thing. It’s a cultural phenomenon. In the U.S. where men have had their huevos removed by militant, leftist, lesbian feminists, you don’t hear catcalls much anymore, but down Mejico Way where men still are men, it’s pretty common. And most Mexican women shake their tail feathers, smile and keep walking. No harm done. The young woman in the story that caused the ruckus clearly has been spending too much time above the Rio Bravo picking up bad habits. With luck, she’ll move up there and stay.

          • VOT

            I see, you probably also think that a woman wearing a mini skirt is asking to be raped. I would rather live in a country with a strong economy which is exactly the kind of countries where women are safer and men (and women) are good at keeping their families safe, daughters included. Otherwise you can ask the millions of developing country immigrants trying to make their way into better and stronger economies. Obviously women in Mexico are not happy with their “macho” men groping them in the metro, otherwise there will not be All women wagons in the metro in mexico city. Sorry, but that cute 13 year girl is probably not trying to get attention of a 40 year old dude, and not safe if she has to walk alone at night, or now you are also gonna tell she was asking to be raped for having the audacity of walking alone in the dark? Lovely country where you live.

  • Santa

    Looks like someone wanted more attention then just a common cabbie and she got it.

  • Commander Barkfeather

    People who feel compelled to comment on everything usually have very little to say. What makes the everyday Neanderthal think that contemporary career minded women care about their libidinous reveries. Here’s an idea–Just shut up!

  • John Francis

    My 12 year old step daughter says, “Que guappo”, sometimes after I shave! My beautiful neighbour call each other that often. It gets a smile. It works two ways and I like that men and women are both “handsome”. For it to be a sexual assault, it must be with a judge who has a 100% conviction rate. Where would I get therapy for this obviously antisocial
    anti friendly, anti supportive, behaviour before my criminal mind has me a multi repeat offender?¿?

  • Diagoras

    Maybe women walking down the street just want to be left alone. Why is that too freaking much to ask? If I am just minding my own business, why do I owe strangers my attention just because they have opinions about my looks? Did I ask? No. Did she? No. People should have the right to be left alone, and women are people.