Marijuana is unloaded from a truck owned by the mayor. Marijuana is unloaded from a truck owned by the mayor.

Truck containing pot belongs to mayor

Nearly a tonne of marijuana was seized on the Saltillo-Torreón highway

A truck carrying a tonne of marijuana that was seized last Friday by the Federal Police turned out to belong to the mayor of Parras, Coahuila.


Mayor Evaristo Madero Marcos was first linked to the massive 101-package drug shipment when it was discovered that the truck in which it was being transported belonged to his freight company, Transportes Especializados Evaristo Madero.

One week on, state Interior Secretary José María Fraustro Siller confirmed that the seized drugs belonged to the mayor of Parras.

Madero, who was sworn in just last month, has not issued a statement and his whereabouts remain unknown.

The mayor’s party has come to his defense, claiming a “smear campaign.” In a prepared statement, the executive committee of the state’s Green Ecologist Party (PVEM) said someone was “deceitfully spreading rumors” about Madero.

The “smear campaign,” it said, was linked to the mayor’s political aspirations.

The truck and its driver have been in custody since the shipment was seized on the Saltillo-Torreón highway.

The contents of the drug were identified by a canine unit.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • BB

    Can it get any more corrupt?

    • jdwfinger

      no, corruption starts in the cradle

      • Paul J McLeod

        politicians refer to that as free enterprise, not corruption

      • bajashark

        Your comment is not only innapropriate but reprehensible…it’s hate speech, maybe you belong in a different venue…No one is destined a criminal from birth.

        • softunderbelly

          No, you’re right. It’s not inate, it’s TAUGHT by the parents while the child is still in the cradle.
          Inappropriate? Reprehensible? Hate Speech? SHADDUP.

        • jdwfinger

          your reply is typical from someone that can’t argue the point. You use the cliche words that your ilk thinks makes you right. You are the bigot and racist because if one does not think like you you attack using the words that you learn from the media.
          And yes, ALL of Mexico is corrupt, from the smallest town with dirt roads and no services to the top of the government and all business and services from A to Z.