Yesterday's meeting between Peña Nieto and Kushner. Yesterday's meeting between Peña Nieto and Kushner.

Trump envoy Kushner meets with Peña Nieto

Talks follow a cooling of relations between Mexico and US

President Enrique Peña Nieto held talks yesterday with senior White House advisor Jared Kushner and other United States government officials in Mexico City after relations cooled two weeks ago.


The envoy’s visit came after a testy telephone conversation between Peña Nieto and United States President Donald Trump and was widely seen as a move designed to smooth over strained bilateral relations.

The two presidents agreed to cancel a planned face-to-face meeting as a result of the call, during which they clashed over Trump’s border wall proposal and the source of its funding.

Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray and Economy Secretary Ildefonso Guajardo also attended yesterday’s meeting as did U.S. Department of State official Kimberly Breier.

According to a statement from the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Kushner relayed a message from President Trump about “the importance of continuing to progress on joint initiatives.”

It also said that officials from the two countries “agreed to work to achieve agreements beneficial to both nations.”

Kushner, who is Trump’s son-in-law, and the other U.S. officials also attended an earlier separate meeting with Videgaray.


The former, despite having no known previous foreign affairs experience, has taken on an expansive portfolio in the field in Trump’s administration including substantial responsibility for U.S.-Mexico relations.

He and Videgaray have reportedly cultivated a close personal relationship that often circumvents official diplomatic channels.

The influence of U.S. Ambassador Roberta Jacobson was reduced as a consequence and some analysts say that it was likely a factor in her resignation announcement last week. She was not invited to yesterday’s meetings, a U.S. official told CNN.

Specific topics discussed at the two meetings included border security, transnational crime, orderly and safe migration, the development of Central America and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the SRE said.

The SRE statement also said that any possible future meeting between the two presidents “will depend on the level of progress achieved on agreements related to the comprehensive relationship [between the two countries], including NAFTA . . . security, migration and economic cooperation.”

Peña Nieto and Trump have not held formal, in-person bilateral talks since Trump took office in January last year although they met on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Germany in July.

The pair previously clashed in another tense telephone call shortly after Trump’s inauguration during which the U.S. president repeatedly urged Peña Nieto to stop declaring that Mexico would not pay for a border wall.

The NAFTA renegotiation process, uncertainty about legislation relating to young U.S. immigrants known as dreamers and Trump’s tendency to use Twitter to voice his opinion on contentious bilateral issues such as drug trafficking have further strained the relationship between Mexico and the U.S.

The seventh round of NAFTA talks concluded in Mexico City this week but were somewhat overshadowed by Trump’s announcement that he plans to introduce tariffs on steel and aluminum, a move that could cause Mexico and other countries to retaliate and trigger a trade war.

However, in a Twitter post Monday he appeared to suggest that Mexico and Canada may be granted an exemption, “if a new and fair NAFTA agreement is signed.”

Source: The Los Angeles Times (en), El Universal (sp), CNN (en)

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  • mae61274

    Two boneheads zero agenda

    • Beau

      LOL!!– 100% right.

  • John P

    How insulting to Mexico.
    U.S. Ambassador Roberta Jacobson, widely respected with decades of Latin American experience, was not at the meeting. But Trump’s son-in-law, Kushner, whose knowledge of Mexican culture amounts to having ordered food at a Taco Bell drive-throrugh once in high-school, is heading the U.S. delegation.
    Kushener’s ultra thin resume includes unsuccessful stints running his family’s real-estate business (while his father was in prison) and destroying the New York Observer.
    True, Pena Nieto is no Carlos Slim, but he is the head of state. To have to deal with a light-weight like Jared, who was recently told he will have to leave the room when secrets are being discussed at the White House, must be particularly grating for Mexican officials.
    Not for Trump tough. Jared has a lot on his plate. He’s also in charge of the Mid-East peace obeen

    • Lee Cadaver

      good post

    • DreadFool

      it’s ironic how the John P’s of this world love the hereditary bureaucracy so much, whenever a freelancer comes along, they spew hate, have you ever spoken to or heard Kushner speak, niet.

      • Anthony Stein

        Kushner will have to speak even less when the little prick goes to jail along with his dumb wife!

        • DreadFool

          fresh hate from the depth of your shallow intellect

          • Anthony Stein

            Another stable genius Trump ass licker!

      • Parque_Hundido

        “Freelancer”? Really?

        That’s how you describe nepotism? And even the WH wouldn’t claim Kushner’s has anything remotely resembling competence.

        Your delusion appears to be yours alone.

        • DreadFool

          aren’t opinions just lovely, anyone can have one, no brains required.

          • Parque_Hundido

            A tautology you can prove with each post!

  • Former Army

    Wish I owned a concrete company. Trump is a moron. Kushner is an entitled little bitch boy. Someone needs to put us Americans out of our misery and whack these idiots. Please and thank you.

    • Mike S
    • Upurass

      Speaking of “Bitch Boy” the US managed to survive 8 years of THE PREMIER BITCH BOY ODUMBDUMB! You know the imposter in chief, street organizer, that never worked a day in his life, that’s been marketed as a “Guru” in every subject! Lol, jackass has to cover up his birth record and scholastic achievements, he’s a flunky and has no achievements! How you fools think that spineless ass kissing idiot was a foreign relations expert is mind blowing and truly exposes your lunacy, keep drinking the cool aid!

      So it’s your turn to sit back and shut the pie hole and possibly learn something! Trumps cleaning up the shit and hauling out the trash created by Bathhouse Barry, Bush 1&2 and Clinton.

      Enjoy! I am! AND you’ll have to endure another 7 years:))

      • Anthony Stein

        Guess what ” head Upurass? ” Your piece of shit president is either going to jail or will be impeached for money laundering or his escapades with his whores! And this dickhead crook Kushner will most likely join him! Neither one of them could lick the shoes of Obama! Just having to look at the ugly face of your president and his stupid remarks makes the whole world sick! Americans should hang their heads in shame around the planet!

        • Upurass

          Hahahaha, your as delusional as the rest of the leftist cancer! You’ll survive! I did after 8 years of forced toleration of your shoe licking, ass kissing (worldwide) imposter in chief and his pet gorilla! “Lick the shoes of Obama’s” lol, Bathhouse Barry prefers licking a little higher! Meanwhile MY Presidents restoring MY Country (after the high jacking) to its former greatness! He’s not going anywhere, just keep dreaming up fictitious bs, if it makes you feel any better! So go pound sand and cry me a river!

          BOTH Trump and Kushner have something your group lacks! It’s called character, which you certainly know nothing about! AND balls! No not the licking type your boy(?) craves!

          • Anthony Stein

            You must part of the stable genius crowd! It will be balls deep in jail with your pieces of shit characters when the rest of the prison gets a hold of those two assholes! Your country is a shit hole by the way! Would stop there to even have a crap!

  • Rootsofgrass

    What better person to send…..One of the most corrupt slackers in Plump’s cabinet? He will fit right in with Pena’s gang.

  • Parque_Hundido

    The US doesn’t have a single Diplomat at the meeting. And the Mexicans were caught plotting to take advantage of Kushner’s stupidity.

    This cannot work out well for the US.