Among the US brands that could be boycott targets. Among the US brands that could be boycott targets.

Donald Trump fallout: boycott US brands

Among the targets is Starbucks, whose Mexican operator replied today

Fallout from U.S. President Donald Trump’s stance on the relationship between Mexico and the U.S. has been turning up on social media, where users are urging boycotts of American brands such as Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Costco and Starbucks.


Today, Starbucks replied through the franchise holder.

The multi-brand restaurant operator Alsea said in a statement that the Starbucks brand in Mexico is its property, and that the company itself is 100% Mexican-owned.

Alsea “has benefited numerous communities in our country through the creation of opportunities” for local people.

All told, Alsea provides employment to more than 7,000 Mexicans through its various outlets, which include Burger King, Domino’s Pizza and Starbucks, the statement said.

However, as the newspaper El Universal reported, the company did not reply to one of the criticisms that have appeared on social networks: that the salary levels of its employees are low.

The company said it has opened more than 560 Starbucks outlets in 60 cities with an investment of about 5 billion pesos.

Starbucks Mexico plans to invest more than 430 million pesos this year with the opening of 50 more outlets, which will create more than 600 jobs.

Alsea said Mexico has been a key region in the supply chain for Starbucks coffee for about two decades. “Thanks to the high quality of Mexican coffee, arabica coffee from Chiapas is consumed in Starbucks restaurants around the world.”

As the hashtag #AdiosStarbucks began trending yesterday, there were supporters and detractors. Among the latter was at least one that suggested the boycott should also apply to the major social networks. They, too, are American-owned.

Source: El Universal (sp), Milenio (sp)

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  • K. Chris C.

    Sad, but humorous, how many pay attention to the puppet’s propaganda, and not the puppet masters’ agenda.

    While the Khazarian fifth-column has had the new puppet blowing propaganda about jobs, Mexican imports, and “illegals,” they have simultaneous been lowering the peso by 28%. With or without a “tax”/tariff of 20%, Mexican goods are still cheaper in dollar terms.

    Then there is the propaganda behind the selection of Mexico as the bad guy when a simple trip to a Walmart, or equivalent, will have one find that nearly everything is made in China/Asia.

    Ultimately, American and Mexican populations will see nationalism inflamed, while those running the show make off again with more of the people’s loot, and children of gun-toting age. Sad.

    “Meet the new boss, sames puppet masters as the old boss.”

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • Vlad the Impaler

    People are going to get hurt in a trade war one way or another. The point is to organize and choose a week to show US companies how much you can hurt them. The Owners of Walmart have more money than 40% of all the Americans in the US. One week of pain for them will have them crying to Trump for a little common sense. Yes people in Mexico will feel the pain as well. The Owners of Starbucks and Coca cola and employees. But when you think you are powerless in the face of a man like Trump …getting even is golden.
    I’m not a Mexican …but Mexicans need to start thinking for themselves in these matters.

    • cooncats

      Do you understand that all of these “U.S.” companies have very substantial Mexican ownership as required by law to operate here? An attack on those companies is an attack on Mexico.

      Are Mexican companies required to have U.S. participation to operate there? NO

      Do Mexican imports have a 16 percent tax tacked on top? NO

      Does the U.S. care whether or not a Mexican might want to ship a used dress there? NO

      Does Mexico tolerate massive illegal immigration and does the U.S. encourage it? NO

      Do Americans feel free to wave the U.S. flag in Mexican streets and demonstrate against the Mexican government in those streets? NO

      Are Mexicans prohibited from owning property within 90 km of the coast of the U.S.? NO

      When Mexicans send stuff to family members in the U.S. is it stolen at the border or held up or blocked for arbitrary reasons? NO

      I could go on listing this stuff for hours.

      • Vlad the Impaler

        You are absolutely right about Mex. ownership. The US should have been so smart .We winter residents of Mex. get to enjoy all the beaches precisely because Beach ownership is forbidden. Try getting to all beaches in the US.
        Will the boycott of US corps in Mexico hurt the elite of Mex. like Grupo Mex? Damn right …the .0001% of Mexico might get hurt temporarily. Mex. can afford to pay much higher wages …but the .00001% won’t have it.

        • Yo Man

          Where have you been ? The big hotels in Cabo can and do block the beaches in front of their properties. California has a policy that gives access to all beaches. There is one billionaire that’s fighting it, but he will soon have to open up access that has been there for years, until he built his fence.

          • Dave Warren

            On Mainland Mexico you can’t cut off the beach. There are concessions to the beach. Try to get on Beaches in California or Florida. Nope no access. If you can’t get on a beach in Cabo then arrive by water Taxi…unless Cabo is different. Cabo and Baja are Freeports. There is a distinction or was 30 years ago the last time I was in Baja.

      • Yo Man

        Do mexican schools allow the stars and stripes to be flown on their flagpoles ?

      • Hailey Mannering

        It´s inaccurate to say foreigners can´t own property within 90 km. of the coast. They either buy through their own corporation or have a Fideicomiso (almost always using a subsidiary of a Canadian bank.)

  • Melanie Carne

    Be sure to tell the Mexicans that want to boycott that they cannot eat anything made with wheat or corn even if it is made in Mexico because the wheat and corn is bought and shipped to them from the good old USA. To the tune of $80 billion dollars a year. That means no more tortillas or hotdog buns or pastries. Boycotting retailers is laughable compared to that. Oh wait and their gasoline that they’re paying so much for they can’t buy ANY of that anymore either because it is all refined at United States refineries. I applaud the Mexican people. They have come so far in the last 20 years but to be a first world country they need to start acting like it. Fix Mexico. Think FFS!

    • Vlad the Impaler

      Canada will no doubt gladly ship wheat and grains to Mexico for fresh fruit and vegetables once Trump puts the 20% tax on Canada. Trade is a tangled web. Being American concentric about world trade is a failure to understand the big picture. This isn’t just about Mexico and the US. You think China won’t gladly build a gasoline plant in Mex. Do you even understand what “the wall” says in terms of diplomacy? Do you think Mexicans aren’t upset?

      • Farmer_Girl

        How exactly does Mexico plan to get it’s fresh fruit and vegetables to Canada? Currently Mexico uses US roads and that won’t be happening if a trade war develops. Just how big is your Mexican navy and cargo fleet?

        • Gillian Rogers

          Hey Farmer girl Trump just put a 20% tax on your farm equipment, vehicles and fuel!!! LOL

          • Farmer_Girl

            No Trump has already reversed that decision. He’s looking at taxing remittances to Mexico now. I believe that affects Mexico without causing a further tax burden on US citizens. Is now a good time to ask for our $75 million dollars back that we gave Mexico to build your own wall on your southern border?

          • Gillian Rogers

            Changes his mind a lot doesn’t he..? Perhaps he’s trying to please the uneducated that he loves so much? I can’t believe Americans would agree to take food out of the mouths of American citizens families living in Mexico. Seems barbaric to me.

          • Caz S

            “Is now a good time to ask for our $75 million dollars back that we gave Mexico to build your own wall on your southern border?”

            What wall in the southern border?

            Tell me, what freaking wall, because you idiotic Trump supporters complain a lot of fake news while doing propaganda of your own.

        • Vlad the Impaler

          Well Wheat and corn is shipped by cargo ship but it isn’t likely to rot. Fresh Veggies to Canada? Where there’ s a will there’s a way. Iceback’s haven’t been refused entry to the US yet.

          • Rightazz

            I think the point farm girl is making the US can refuse shipping across Us soil to and from Canada . which only leaves the sea which would be more expensive and increase the cost of the grain and I do not believe Mexican ports could handle the increase cargo.

          • Farmer_Girl


          • Dave Warren

            Canada ships grain all over the world by sea including Mexico. By ship …not by little truck loads …it isn’t cost efficient. It is shipped by Rail from the prairies to Vancouver or Thunder Bay and then elsewhere. As for Mexican Produce… Trucking across the US …As I said Trump hasn’t stopped Canadian Mexican Trade yet …so it’s a moot point.

        • DylanUSC

          Yeah, you enjoy that extra 20% tax Trump just slapped on you too.

        • Yo Man

          That’s one of the worst parts of the NAFTA deal. Allowing mexican shippers to drive their loads into the USA. I saw a mexican plated truck at a rest stop in Oregon and out came a man his wife and three kids of school age. Long hauling and not being in school..Not good

          • Mela Pelaez

            andaban de shopping wei…

      • Rightazz

        Good Idea all corn products are subsidized by the American goverment by 15 % also consider that wheat is around 7% less than Canadian I am sure Mexicans will not mind the the extra cost . May I suggest Mexico also have Canada ship you animal feed that will Mexico sell its beef at the export market . While China builds your gasoline plant ask them for the light crude oil you need the ethanol for that gasoline since Mexico only has heavy crude importing from anyone but the us will cost you another 10 % at the pump. Have you ever considered what the terms of diplomacy means when Mexican goverment educates its poor to enter the United States illegally Mexican consulates teach Mexican citizens illegally in the United States how to avoid deportation . Do you think Americans are upset ? By all means Boycott American goods and make it easier for Trump to cancel NAFTA and Deport all illegal immigrants . Boycott WALL MART ,Starbucks Ford I hope you bankrupt them as they are crap companies. Remember though Americans can Boycott companies like Bimbo bread etc and Americans have a much larger variety to choose. Beware Canada already threw Mexico under the Bus and wants a bilateral trade agreement. Yes a trade war with Mexico will hurt the American economy which it will recover from in a short period as the Americans have been down this road before the real question is how long will it take Mexico . Americans are going to have security at their boarder they are going to start enforcing immigration . The American congress has already said they will fund the wall with American tax dollars so it is not Mexico’s business any longer and to answer your question if Americans feel they need a wall it says in the terms of diplomacy Mexico is not trust worthy in the eyes of Americans maybe Mexicans just ask themselves a honest question why do they feel that way

        • Dave Warren

          You really are scared aren’t you? The world needs America’s benevolent leadership. Not your subsidized corn or Coca Cola. You wasted a lot of keystrokes to show your Diplomacy skills.

          • Rightazz

            Me scared of this ? ha ha ha ha ha ha what the world needs is to provide its own leadership that should help you understand Diplomacy was found dead at my feet.

          • Dave Warren

            Oh yeah …I can see that diplomacy is dead at your feet Cowboy. Pretty funny actually.

    • Happygirl

      It’s called democracy…like..freedom of speech…freedom to call a boycott or protest… the freedom to choose. Sometimes it is the small things that give us pleasure…the USA wants “made in America”…without thinking about the fallout. Not buying their stuff…can make Mexicans, and everyone else in the world smile…it’s a small thing…something we can all do…if we choose to.

      • Rightazz

        Yes and Democracy is a great thing so is wisdom when you ask yourself is it worth it what will I accomplish because I can should I does the means out weigh the ends or the results of the right you exercised may hurt you in the end

        • Dave Warren

          OH Heavens! we should all get down and bless your red white and blue sphincter.Oh please don’t hurt us Mr. American Senior?

          • Rightazz

            Thank You do not forget your knee pads you are going to need them.

    • steinpiaz

      Be sure and remind American wheat and corn farmers about that when they all go bankrupt.

      • Rightazz

        They will not go bankrupt they will just start growing other crops to replace the ones the US will no longer be importing from Mexico . Since NAFTA there has been a movement to grow wheat and corn to export to Mexico in various forms one of those is animal feed which will not be a problem to sell in other markets since it is less expensive off the top Brazil would love to have it at the same price Mexico gets , Unfortunate for the Mexican consumer food prices will have a increase in price . Remember Mexico enjoys corn products subsidized by the American peoples tax dollar

        • Dave Warren

          Rightazz…why is Trump subsidizing the corn with US taxpayers money and giving it to Mexico? Perhaps he should build a hole in the wall? That isn’t business like? I thought Trump was a businessman. When will he end the law that insists all drinks are made from corn syrup?Mexico could sell them some really awesome real sugar from cane?

          • Rightazz

            Corn has been a subsidized crop for many years Trump has nothing to do with it . Mexico sugar cane is all but gone ,because of corn syrup Mexico no longer uses cane sugar in their soda . The law Mexico had at one time to use only cane sugar was struck down by the W.T.O. Coca-Cola Mexico was the last to use sugar but today they use corn syrup with the exception of a plant that exports to the US coke with cane sugar. You have replied to me on another quit a rude person you are but to let you know the Boycott of Starbucks in Mexico is beyond foolish since they are owned Franchises in Mexico by Mexicans. Since I live and own a business in Mexico and the United States I keep up to date of what is facts and Media hype . This hole boycott America thing is a joke the Mexicans just forgot about the fuel price increase protests think maybe they have been hoodwinked . My wisdom comes from Knowledge and formal education combined not age so please stop posting things that make you look dumber than dirt

          • Dave Warren

            I am surrounded here in Nayarit as far as I can see by Sugar cane and sugar factories. They ought to make more alcohol.
            Your formal education and knowledge misspelled “Whole”. Comes from age ,experience ,education and single malt scotch.

          • Rightazz

            Ya Nayarit just loaded with sugar cane fields I believe one of the smallest producers in Mexico If you would like to see what large sugar cane fields look like visit Veracruz sorry for the misspelled words I am at my house just north of Akumal using a old computer and I am about three words ahead of the screen display no need for a new computer since the internet is from 1980 speed the only thing I would gain is spell check if my grammar is of major importance to you I will write you a journal as soon as I return to Queretaro . Nayarit is a nice place to many Americans , Canadians , and Brits for me not much for ex-pat communities I like Mexican communities far better . Time to it the draft table these folks at GE UK want their problem resolved enjoy

      • Hailey Mannering

        And the 2 million Mexican farmers who stopped farming because of subsidized US food being dumped below cost in Mexico, can return to farming again !

    • Gillian Rogers

      You have to be kidding. LOL I think you need to do a little more research…ROFLOL

    • Simon Loftus

      Where do you get your numbers. The US wishes it exported that much of corn and wheat to Mexico.

      “U.S. exports of agricultural products to Mexico totaled $18 billion in 2015, our 3th largest agricultural export market. Leading categories include: corn ($2.3 billion), soybeans ($1.4 billion), dairy products ($1.3 billion), pork & pork products ($1.3 billion), and beef & beef products ($1.1 billion).”

      This is sourced from the US Agriculture agency, so I would imagine it is relatively accurate.

      Yes it would be tough for Mexico if they had no more corn but I’m sure the US farmers would suffer first.

      They produce 85% of their own corn and wheat, so yes tortilla prices would go up. Rather than giving me a pack of 20 tortillas for free with my roasted chicken, maybe I’ll only get 16.

      • Rightazz

        Your figures do not include corn by products like corn syrup flour animal feed etc only includes corn that has not been milled . There is also the fact Corn is subsidized by US tax dollars increasing the price of those tortillas , As far as corn farmers suffering I think not there is no shortage of countries that would love to purchase the corn at Mexico’s prices or they could just switch crops to make up for the vegetables Americans will not be buying from Mexico . while Americans will be looking at a 5% increase food costs the the Mexicans will be looking at a 15 % increase in corn products and `a 7%-10% increase overall that would be more than tough for the Mexican consumer

    • Crewlaw

      So your point is, since they can’t boycott EVERYthing from the U.S. they shouldn’t bother to boycott anything at all, even if it’s to make a small statement? Trump and his followers sneer at and look down their nose at Mexico and Mexicans, not buying some damned Starbucks is so bad?
      “I applaud the Mexican people.”? WTF does that even mean.

    • DylanUSC

      Other countries including Canada, China & European have already told Mexico they will expand trade with Mexico & they also will be assisting in any boycott that develops of US products.

    • Carlos M Del Pino

      Boycotts are not meant to fix any economic systems, they are symbolisms we can gather around and become united against. Unfortunately, having a common “enemy” is still the best way to quickly unite people, Trump chose immigrants to do it, we choose american products. We’re not stupid, we’re not gonna stop buying what we need in our daily lives. We’re calling for a boycott on goods that can easily be substituted by local products, and coffee is certainly one of them. We won’t boycott Facebook or Google since we have nothing to replace them, same goes for TV series and other forms of entertainment, for now. And yes, we have to import gasoline and wheat and that’s exactly the problem: Mexico has stopped producing many goods and crops and has been relying on imports, which is not a bad deal in a globalized economy; but if Trump wants to be isolated, then we just have to make our own stuff, just like we used to. Of course, the trade with other countries like China, Canada and Brazil will increase since we are 120 million potential consumers. We’ll build our own refineries and increase the size of our fleet, among other things. All this will take many more years than the eight Trump ‘might’ be in office, but at that point the umbilical cord will be cut, and the US’ decisions won’t impact us as much. In other words, even though the Starbuck’s franchise owner is Mexican, and even if they buy their coffee from mexican farmers, their product is still american and the boycott will still serve its purpose. -Much love to all my friends and family in the US. #gofalcons #riseup (edit: I haven’t read all the comments, apologies if I’m duplicating points.)

    • Stephen Lawrence

      The USA subsidizes corn and wheat production then ships to Mexico to destroy the Mexican farmer so that Mexico will become dependent on corn that will then become very expensive.

    • Seaside Cubicle

      Melanie Carne you suffer from chronic American Occupier Arrogance Syndrome

  • Jumex

    lol, most of the “American” stuff for sale in Mexico is fake and counterfeit flee market grade stuff from china.

  • Boycotting Gringo-based chains in Mexico is dumb. It would just harm the employees who are Mexican. The good news is that, while people may talk about boycotting these places, they won’t actually do it. They like Walmart, Starbucks, etc., too much.

    • Hailey Mannering

      If people spend money instead at non-US chains, new jobs will open up fpr Mexicans at those establishments.
      It´s no sacrifice to go to Tim Hortons´s (from Canada) instead of Starbucks or Kri$py Krud.

    • Dave Warren

      Where have you been Felipe? A motor bike Rally …? Look at it this way…Mexicans don’t have secure jobs ever. One employer is just as crappy as the next. Awareness of these issues are flowing though the populace and one day you might see a change.

  • giuseppina morselli

    Not only Mexico should boycott ALL American products but all Latin American countries in solidarity with Mexico should do the same. It’s a chance to really hurt the USA and show your determination that he can’t treat LA countries like his backyard and do what he wishes.

    • Farmer_Girl

      In exchange America halts all remittance money wire payments to Mexico. Since remittances are Mexico’s #1 source for it’s economy who blinks first.

      • Gillian Rogers

        That is against civil rights…..OMG if I was you I’d be shutting up right now….

        • Farmer_Girl

          LOL no you don’t have a civil right to send money via wire transfer.You might want to take an American civics class to learn what civil rights you actually do have. Congress which Republicans control as well as the White House can simple pass a law. It would be a simple process to ban all money transfers to Mexico.

          • Rosita

            So basically a Mexican that has a ladder, a rope and a non Mexican buddy that can wire the money for him will be well off. Good thing that Mexicans cant figure that one out or else they would make the wall look so stupid…

      • Rosita

        That’s a crazy idea Mexico investments are 85% owned by Mexicans and only 15% by foreigners of that US holds less than 7%. Remittances money amounts 1.8% of our GDP or 25 billion while Mexican tourists and daily border crossers spend 50 billion a year in US. By the way, if US taxes Mexicans remittances Mexico will tax US companies remittances. It wouldn’t hurt to read a book sometimes…

      • Carlos M Del Pino

        OK, not arguing, just giving 2 facts: 1- As of 2015, little over a year, those remittances make up just 2.3 percent of the Mexican GDP. 2- In some very poor towns or areas that figure goes ALL the way up to 19.5%. Now my opinion: Even IF it were legally, politically or morally right to do it, it wouldn’t be the end of Mexico by any means – it’d be more like “no christmas bonus this year kids; sorry, no presents.”
        (Yes, those are facts, and not “alternative facts”, check yourself )

      • Hailey Mannering

        Florida and Arizona will lose a lot of foreign tourists if the US further attacks Mexico. Most of the world – and even many US citizens – are opposed to Trump´s attacks on Mexico.

    • helenms

      and so should Canadians boycott the US as much as possible. Don’t vacation in Florida – go to Mexico or Cuba instead. Don’t fly US airlines; buy Canadian fruit and veg as much as possible etc etc. We can’t boycott completely but every little thing helps. And it’s all we can do! We can’t vote but we CAN choose where to spend our money

      • Hailey Mannering

        Thank you !!

  • Epazote

    No doubt about it, trade war will hurt everyone. A better solution would be for the USA citizens who voted him in now find a way to fix the mess they made. Starting with impeachment proceedings. Trumps actions have already done enough harm to US national security to merit his ouster. Then there is the influence peddling. Every time he tweets about a company resulting in a dramatic share price change he is trading on inside information. That too is against the law.

    • helenms

      but we need to have ways for Canadians to act in solidarity too….

  • Epazote

    Perhaps a way to make a more sophisticated boycott that harms fewer Mexican jobs is to selectively boycott only products that originate in the USA, not entire franchises. Make alternate buying choices. Mexican consumers can insist on franchises offering products originating in Mexico, Canada or other partner countries other than the USA. Use airlines other than US based airlines. Do not buy US imported cars, say adios to Marlboro’s, Miller beer and American designer wear and sports wear unless it is clearly made in Mexico. Choose purchases that benefit Mexico first. Use Mercado Libre instead of Amazon for example.
    Ask the news services to publish lists of competing firms, retail or industrial, who benefit US business over Mexican business and choose to use the Mexican business. Update these lists regularly so we can decide who is helping Mexico by adapting and rising to the challenge and who is not. Look to what industries are sourcing American technologies and boycott them. The list could go on.
    The idea being that by selectively boycotting only that portion of the economy that directly benefits the USA will apply the pressure where it is needed and help to keep Mexican jobs by continuing to support the Mexican based company.

    • gypsyken

      “selectively boycott only products that originate in the USA . . . Use airlines other than US based airlines” I was doing that. It seemed to me to be the reasonable thing to do: buy products/services made/offered in the country you’re living in.

    • helenms

      excellent approach!

    • Rosita

      The real boycott is if Mexicans force ALSEA to dump the Starbucks brand that way jobs are kept while franchise royalties disappear.

  • Jose Yates

    I’m loving left wing illegal immigrant loving Starbucks is taking it in the shorts. No US company hates Trump more then the Starbucks snowflakes. Hahaha.

  • Henry Wilson

    agreed. anybody buying a tepid cup´of coffee for 10 bucks needs to have his head examined and the provider of the scam needs to be run out of the country.

  • lang_eddy

    its time for the world to boycott everything USA….THE WORLD…..its time to teach the bullies (USA) a lesson. They push everyone around and expect everyone to love them…I don’t love Trump or his government. The good people of the USA don’t love Trump. He is the biggest asshole in the world.

    • Yo Man

      Not the biggest by far YOU are !

  • David Nichols

    Anybody who thinks that Mexicans are going to quit drinking Coke is either delusional or knows nothing about Mexico and Mexican beverage consumption…
    “Boycotting” stores and products you never use is just mental masturbation..!
    This social media chest thumping is largely promoted by those whose knowledge of international affairs is gleaned from their Facebook “friends”…
    These people, for the most part, already shop locally, in the poblado where they live…
    Most “American” businesses in Mexico depend on the economically middle and upper classes for their success, and are not likely to notice a “boycott” by people who are seldom/ never customers…
    Home Depot, et al, succeed in Mexico because they offer better selection, better service and better prices than the Mexican alternative… And they employ thousands of Mexicans…!

    • Dave Warren

      It is just education Nichols. Boycotting brought both South Africa and Chile to it’s knees. A little education is all it takes. That is all people are promoting. You can actively make choices that will effectively change the hearts and minds of Corporate America.

  • Hailey Mannering

    While Tim Horton´s is Canadian, not Mexican, it will bee a good alternative to US companies such as
    Krispy Creme or Starbucks.

  • drbsea

    I cant believe the Republican party had this little idea about “import tax” on items from Mexico sitting on books for a couple years now. Guess they could not do anything with it when Dems were in the White House, but now that has all changed. Anything that the US government slaps a 20% tax/tariff on to bring it into the US, that 20% will be added onto the price of the fresh fruit, the washing machine, car, or air conditioner I buy. This wall is going to cost US taxpayers/citizens big time, while Trump gives Wall Street, and his fat cat 1%’er friends massive tax cuts. What a scumbag scam artist.

  • Mela Pelaez

    a webo

  • the surge’n

    It is interesting to see so many different brands post their political stance for or against President Trump. This trend doesn’t really surprise me because of the rise of social media. Brands are able to interact with consumers way more than they ever could in the past. Brands also try to be on the right side of issues which can backfire like with Starbucks’ stance on the new refugee policy from Trump where they said they will hire more refugees or with Uber taking advantage of it. I personally believe that big brands should stay out of making public political opinions. I understand that if there’s a social issue the company is against they would want to take a stand along with consumers. But so many social issues have opposing sides, and both sides have consumers. I think it is a risky business move for a brand to get involved in politics, especially when it comes across as a not very well thought out move. If Starbucks and Uber hadn’t said anything then people wouldn’t be voicing out to boycott them. I fully understand about wanting to get involved in social issues that are unjust, but getting involved comes with a risk of alienating half your customers which isn’t good for business.

  • Lupe delgadillo

    Boycott al companies that do not pas their taxes in Mexico (Ame rt icons and Mexicans) .

  • Reading the comments, it’s clear that most people don’t understand that Starbucks and probably other brands that are being targeted are actually managed and operated by 100% Mexican companies. The only people that this boycott would hurt are the Mexican people that depend on these brands, from the growers of coffee in Chiapas to the baristas that are employed across the 500+ stores in the country.

    But hey! Let’s just be emotional about things and let’s all be offended! Because that works!

  • John

    My family has just joined to the boycott.
    We will not buy a Ford car this year, we will buy a japanese brand.
    We will not buy american food products, especially those made from GMO wheat, GMO sugar, GMO apples and high corn fructose syrup (the worst food sold on Earth)., that makes all of us really fat. We are going local.
    No more vacations in US and US airlines. We will spend that money – somewhere else. Maybe little action, but just a replacement of expenses US 70,000 on products and services of my country or other countries just for my family and huge savings in taxes for me.