Councilors vote in San Miguel. Councilors vote in San Miguel de Allende. reforma

Two councils express disapproval for Trump

Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende declare the candidate persona non grata

Donald Trump has been named persona non grata in two Mexican cities.


The municipality of Oaxaca and that of San Miguel de Allende made the move in the wake of the U.S. presidential candidate’s quick visit to Mexico City August 31 to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto.

The day after Trump’s visit, Oaxaca municipal councillors questioned Peña Nieto’s reasons for inviting him, given what they saw as his repeated grievances against the Mexican people.

“It is an outrage for the president of Mexico to invite a man that has consistently and repeatedly offended, affronted, humiliated, insulted and bad-mouthed our compatriots and the people of Latin America in general,” read the proposal presented to the council members.

The document, approved by council on September 1, acknowledged that only the president has the authority to expel a foreign individual from the country.

But the intention of council members was to express their solidarity with the 1.2 million paisanos, or compatriots, who work in the United States.

“[The declaration] contains our solidarity and support, our appreciation and our admiration for the sacrifice millions of compatriots undergo to give their families a better quality of life,” council members said.


The same move was made soon after in San Miguel de Allende, in the Bajío state of Guanajuato.

Councilors said they were responding to the candidate’s xenophobic attacks and insults against Mexicans, describing it as a hate campaign that puts people’s lives at risk.

They also warned that the relationship between both countries will be at risk if the Republican win the election in November.

The council’s declaration noted that 13,120 of San Miguel de Allende’s 164,000 inhabitants, or 8%, are U.S. citizens.

“Our city has been, is and will continue to be a land open to the world, welcoming everyone with a heartfelt hug, no matter their origin, religion, race, ideology, orientation or language,” said the document, which received unanimous approval.

“San Miguel is a land proud of its diversity, plurality and inclusion; San Miguel is proof that respect for the rights of others can be a reality,” it said.

“A person that alienates the rights of Mexicans and maintains a xenophobic discourse cannot be welcomed to our country. For this reason we declare [Trump] persona non grata.”

Source: Reforma (sp)

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  • Güerito

    I believe there are about 1.2 million paisanos working in just Los Angeles, CA. Do check your figures.

    • lemme go ask the councilmembers real quick where they got their 1.2 million figure 😉

      • Güerito

        It’s 12 million. The decimal point is off.

  • alance

    The peso has dropped almost 17 percent in value in the last year.

    My rent, food, and utilities are 17 percent cheaper.

    Thanks Donald.

  • U.S. governments of both parties have created this mindset. Mexicans now think it is their God-given right to sneak into the U.S. whenever they wish, ignoring all visa requirements. It is, after all, “el otro lado,” the other side. Nothing more, not another nation.

    Unless he wimps out, President Trump will at least, one hopes, begin to disabuse us of this error.

    • Hillary was wrong when she said that half of Drumpf supporters are deplorable. It’s actually 60%. #tacotruckoneverycorner

  • Güerito

    “This leads to the final explanation of Mexico’s failure to transition to fully developed status: easy exit to the United States for the disgruntled. Emigration has been a political strategy for the Mexican state, as well as an economic strategy for the Mexican people. When Donald Trump opened his now-famous comments on Mexican immigrants with the words, “When Mexico sends its people …” he was touching upon an important truth.

    Most countries that experience large-scale emigration perceive it as a huge problem. When Sweden sent almost one-fifth of its people to the United States before the First World War, the Swedish state saw a national crisis. It convened a commission to investigate the population loss and recommend ways to persuade Swedes to stay at home. The modern Swedish welfare state had its origins in the commission’s researches.

    Mexico has seen no such effort. To the contrary, Mexican authorities have actively encouraged out-migration as a substitute for the jobs and opportunities they cannot provide at home.”

    Happy Independence Day, Mexico – Your leaders have served you poorly.

  • David Nichols

    I would ask the SMA council how many gringos are living illegally in their city..?
    How many are receiving Mexican government assistance..?
    How many are a net plus to the local economy..?

  • Geoffrey Rogg

    As far as SMA is concerned, don’t worry. The Gringos living there are mostly pseudo left wing liberals who share a Hemingway complex of believing they’re natives but elite ones. SMA is as Mexican as Helsinki.

  • James Smith

    obviously the donald is just not sufficiently corrupt for these goofs. now hillary…whew boy….she and bill could teach those boys a thing or two about corruption, lying, and criminality.

  • David Nichols

    Their chests must be swelled with pride after passing a completely meaningless, sanctimonious declaration such as this…
    I guess it’s better than having to discuss the dead bodies showing up.
    Nice to know political lefties are the same on both sides of the Rio Grande.


    we had the honor or traveling with our recreational vehicle in MEXICO… we loved the MEXICAN people… WE also PAID DEARLY to enter MEXICO…. THE 10 year sticker on the window…but, if you are maybe not going to drive back with the same vehicle, you have to have it removed, or no entry with a 2nd vehicle…. VEHICLE INSURANCE… to say the least……….and not to work in MEXICO…….. my packet of entry is not at my disposal right now…but it was not cheap to cross the border… GOD BLESS THE MEXICAN – MEXICAN PEOPLE…. we loved each one we met, BUT, YOU HAVE TO AGREE… many that come to the UNITED STATES… ARE NOT GOD FEARING, WITH THE INTENT TO WORK.. OR TO CHERISH THE NEW LAND THEY HAVE WALKED INTO…. MEXICO, IN MEXICO, IS HAVING MANY OF THE SAME PROBLEMS TRUMP IS MAKING REFERENCE TO…………..BE HONEST… POINT THE FINGER AT YOUR PROBLEMS..BEFORE YOU CRITICIZE HOW PROBLEMS IN THE UNITED STATES…. ARE INTENDED TO BE DEALT WITH.. THANK YOU