Troy Bachmann Bachmann was reunited with his family on the weekend.

U.S. entrepreneur free after 8 months in jail

Troy Bachmann was jailed on charges of fraud by his produce export business

An American entrepreneur has been freed after spending eight months in jail on charges of fraud.

Troy Bachmann, of Brightwood, Oregon, was charged in Jalisco after farmers accused him of not paying for produce purchased by his firm Fancy Fresh Farms, an exporter of fruit and vegetables to the U.S.

He was found not guilty last September but was charged once again. His brother, Derek, who has been leading the fight to have his brother released, said last fall that his brother discovered his bookkeeper and four other staff had embezzled nearly US $180,000.

The same people, he said, lied to growers, stole the company´s paperwork and warned suppliers they wouldn´t be paid.

“The people who set up my brother did a pretty good job of it, convincing everybody my brother was the bad guy,” Derek Bachmann told KATU-TV.

The business was Bachmann´s fourth in Mexico since 1994.

He returned to the U.S. on Saturday.

Source: KATU-TV (en)

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