Melzer: torture by police is widespread. Melzer: police use torture repeatedly to obtain confessions.

UN expert on torture: it’s widespread in MX

Police forces use torture to obtain confessions and as punishment, says Special Rapporteur

A United Nations report charges that Mexico’s police forces repeatedly use torture and ill-treatment to obtain confessions or as a punishment.


The UN’s Special Rapporteur on Torture said the practice is widespread and includes asphyxiation, sexual violence, electric shocks, death threats, beatings and psychological torture.

The report by Nils Melzer also confirmed the existence of “a situation of insecurity and impunity” and maintained that the fight against organized crime has resulted in more cases of torture and ill-treatment. Such cases are not being properly investigated either, he wrote.

“Despite the pronouncements of public officials, there is no indication of impartial and independent investigations, all of which is linked to the impunity that prevails in Mexico.”

The report acknowledged that Mexico is about to pass legislation in connection with the issue, and requested the country’s authorities to avoid “exceptions and reject all proof obtained through torture.” It urged that all human rights violations be prosecuted by civil authorities even if those crime were committed by the military

“Crimes against humanity are committed [in Mexico] by military security forces, in the context of the fight against drugs,” said the director of a human rights advocacy organization.

“Acts of torture happen because no investigations or punishments are enforced . . . and there’s no will on the part of the authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice,” said José Antonio Guevara.

Source: Animal Político (sp)

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  • cooncats

    Just another reason why the idea that Mexico is going to get very far complaining to the UN about the U.S. is a little bit silly, don’t you think?

  • Henry Wilson

    The mafioso mexican government complaining about violations of human rights by the american government of mexican criminals illegally present in the united states must rank as one of the all time great acts of hypocrisy by a government in human history.

  • SickofLiberalbs9999

    Wow, the hypocrisy is amazing – has the Mexican government no shame?

    Mexico demands: NO BORDER TAX – but Mexico has one.
    Mexico complains about AMERICAN HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES.
    But Mexican army and police torture people routinely, even for minor traffic violations (for refusing to pay a bribe).
    But Mexico demands that America ignore its immigration laws for Mexican illegals in the US.

    Trump must be the best thing ever for Mexican politicians.
    Now the spotlight is off their country’s collapse into anarchy and violence.
    And who is to blame for that? Trump?

  • K. Chris C.

    At least they’re only torturing their own. The US tyranny is so evil they need to round up victims overseas.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • Güerito