Models pose for Spencer Tunick yesterday in San Miguel. Models pose for Spencer Tunick yesterday in San Miguel.

Upside-down models reflect today’s world

Spencer Tunick returns to San Miguel for another nude photo shoot

American photographer Spencer Tunick says the world has been turned on its head, thanks in large part to pronouncements by United States presidential candidate Donald Trump.


So Tunick’s latest work is intended to illustrate that upside-down world.

Yesterday, in the colonial city of San Miguel de Allende, the internationally renowned photographer put 20 nude people on their heads and took photos.

The volunteer models, Mexicans and foreigners, were positioned upside down on a hill at Rancho Los Senderos, bodies straight, legs together, a position aided by metal rods that had been driven into the ground to provide support.

The photo shoot, Tunick’s second in San Miguel, took place in conjunction with the city’s annual Calaca Festival, a Day of the Dead event that began yesterday and runs until Tuesday.

According to the newspaper El Universal, Tunick said Day of the Dead celebrations could never happen in the United States, because everyone is afraid of death. “And this fear of death has brought war and corruption to society.”

The photographer told Reuters that his latest work, entitled Inversion, would reflect on how Donald Trump has inverted minds and caused hysteria.

“Trump is inverting our minds and causing us a nerve racking, internal hysteria,” he told reporters on Thursday. “I think we’re living in a tough and turbid world right now . . . where things are turned on its head.”

Tunick’s last photo shoot in San Miguel took place two years ago when he photographed 100 nude women adorned with garlands of marigolds.

In 2007, he issued an invitation to models to pose nude in Mexico City and 18,000 people turned up.

Source: El Universal (sp), Reuters (en)

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  • Happygirl

    Spencer Tunik uses nudity to draw attention to himself – it is his trademark. I can think of better metaphors to photograph – how about- a snarling dog, a whiny little bitch, people wearing clothes blindfolded, a pile of “Make America Great Again” caps set on fire, etcetera. But nudity sells. This work of “art” makes no sense, we all know the world is in turmoil…even before Trump came along…a bunch of naked people standing on their heads???
    Also, every human being and most animals are afraid of death. Mexico embraces the concept of life vs. death…they believe in ancestor worship; it is a cultural thing. The USA and Canada have Halloween, we have skeletons, and grave stones planted in our front yards, kids dressed as ghosts, zombies, and witches…even a scary clown or two.

  • cooncats

    You’re absolutely right Spencer. Trump has brought out all the chicken littles. The Mexican press have certainly become quite the chicken (little) yards these days.

    You’re just the latest visitor to this chicken coop to cry the sky is falling.

    I’m glad you brought up the concept of mind inversion here. One would surely have to have an “inverted mind” to wish a pack of grifters on the highest office of any nation, let alone your own.

    That would be my definition of inverted thinking.

    After all, just look how well electing thieves and career political hacks has worked for Mexico. Well, OK, it has mainly worked to fatten real estate and bank accounts out of Mexico but, hey, close counts, right?

    I’ll give Mexico’s grifters credit for one thing. They definitely understand the need for control of Mexico’s borders even while they think they have a God given right to dump unwanted population and immigrants across the U.S. border without limit or sanction.

    When it comes to immigration and trade, Mexico’s grifters definitely put their people first. Your favorite grifters in search of the White House on the other hand love those open borders and bad trade deals.

    Yes, Spencer you certainly have picked a pair of accomplished money launderers to advocate for here. When it comes to “play for pay” Mexican politicians are pikers compared to the Clintons. Whether it be great crimes or small ones, the Clintons have no equals in Mexico. Everything is fair game at the Clinton house.

    After all, even Mexico’s crooked politicians have limits, I’ve never read of one stealing the furniture out of the presidential mansion or the State Department or for that matter spreading Mexico’s state secrets to the enemy.

    I’m with you Spencer, America cannot afford to pass up this opportunity to elect world class felons and sell outs to its highest office. It is long past the time that America should be the world’s leader in political corruption.

    Thank you for all your hard work towards this laudable end! As for your audience, maybe they should consider looking at reality instead of getting their political facts from photographers.

  • TioDon

    Wow, this is amazing! I’m gonna change my vote and vote for Hillary…..jejejeje, NOT.