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Urinating in a lagoon costs piece of an arm

Young man attacked at Nichupté lagoon in Cancún

A foreign tourist who responded to the call of nature Sunday at the Nichupté lagoon in Cancún didn’t heed the warning signs and lost part of an arm.


The young man, reportedly inebriated, was attacked by a crocodile as he urinated on the banks of the lagoon, where he had descended while walking on Bulevar Kukulcán.

The man, 29, escaped after a struggle with the reptile, which returned to the water with a piece of the victim’s arm.

A Cancún hospital said Sunday the man, believed to be from the United States, was in delicate condition.

Signs posted near where the attack occurred warn against approaching the area because of the presence of crocodiles.

The conservation organization Onca Maya says 36 attacks by crocodiles have been recorded in the last 22 years in Quintana Roo, many of which triggered retaliation. The association has documented the cases of 10 crocodiles that have been killed.

Onca Maya is pressing for the establishment of a crocodile management program that would protect the reptiles, which are a protected species, and maintain a healthy population while at the same time improving the security of residents and visitors.

Source: El Universal (sp), El Sol de México (sp)

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  • Sharon

    Still no cure for stupid. And people wonder why many Mexicans do not like tourists from the USA.

    • cooncats

      Absolutely. Mexicans never get drunk and do stupid stuff. Or at least the media doesn’t report it.

      • M. Dexterity

        Really? You don’t speak Spanish so how would you know?

      • I am not sure what media you refer to but Mexican newspapers are filled with the same type of stupid acts by Mexicans in great detail. The only difference here is the Mexican newspaper or news report would have a picture of the arm and the crocodile with a smile on his face. Read the Policiaca page of the local newspaper, it is very entertaining.

  • TuuxKabin

    Gee. Too bad. Pobrecito, idioto.

  • Chris Gonzales

    He’s lucky he didn’t lose another appendage…..

  • Crocs and booze. Bad combo. Most people do not realize how fast those clumsy looking buggers can move. When hungry, they can move like cheetahs.

  • Robert Bejsovec

    stupid is what stupid dose Y in the water 4 god sake people drink from there, stupid