Marijuana launcher found on US border. Catapult found on US border fence. us customs & border protection

US Border Patrol finds marijuana launcher

The catapult was capable of firing 21 kilos of weed across the border

United States Border Patrol agents have dismantled a pot-launcher discovered last week on a border fence near the Douglas border crossing, two hours southeast of Tucson.


Made of square metal tubing and employing a heavy-duty spring, the catapult was capable of firing a couple of packages of marijuana with a combined weight of 21 kilograms from Mexico into the United States.

Agents discovered the device after people near the fence fled when the agents approached. Drugs were found nearby.

The seizure of the catapult is the latest indication of the ingenuity of drug smugglers. Last month, U.S. agents in Pharr, Texas, discovered with the help of sniffer dogs and thermal imaging that a shipment of limes contained US $789,000 worth of marijuana.

The drugs had been stuffed into more than 34,000 fake limes.

Another recent bust followed the discovery — again with the help of dogs — of 30 pounds of heroin in the gas tank of a BMW motorcycle.

A Sonora man had attempted to cross the border at Nogales this week with the hidden drugs, estimated to be worth US $460,000.

Source: CNN (en)

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  • Mike Hadinger

    What a deceiving article!! It’s not as serious if it’s only pot, but 21 kilos is 21 kilos whether its pot, heroin, crack etc…

  • WestCoastHwy

    Who’s buying this Dirt Weed full of Seeds? Weed is Legal in the US of a little part of America. WTF? I believe Mexicans are launching Meth, Heroin, and/or Coke. Oregon just allowed Home Delivery so this article is Bull #$%@.

    • WestCoastHwy

      I would like to add that Mexicans in general have become more aggressive toward Gringos since the Idiot became President. Mexicans are like Killer Bees, once you piss off one, they all Attack! So, Thank you President Idiot!

      • Hailey Mannering

        What part of Mexico are you finding that in ? We don´t see that in Yucatan state so far.

  • K. Chris C.

    Article 3, Section 3, treason, is the mother of invention.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • owl905

    Version 2.0, the Potmobile, should be available once the pizza runs out.

  • Pogo

    Necessity is the mother of invention.

  • frankania

    stop prohibition, and solve these problems and insure quality, and eliminate cartel killings…..

    • Hailey Mannering

      Amen !