Suspect in the shooting yesterday of a U.S. consular official. Suspect in the shooting yesterday of a U.S. official.

US consulate official shot in Guadalajara

The victim, who was reported to be carrying DEA identification, is in stable condition

An official with the United States consulate in Guadalajara is in stable condition after he was shot outside the Plaza Sania shopping center yesterday.


A source in the city police who asked not to be identified said Christopher Nolan Ashcraft, 31, was shot as he was driving out of a parking garage, reported The Guardian this morning.

Ashcraft was carrying U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration credentials, the source said, and driving a white Honda Fit.

Video footage posted on YouTube shows a man waiting outside the parking lot’s exit for a few minutes before pulling out a gun and firing at a car as it approached the ticket machine. He fled on foot immediately after.

The police source said it appeared the shooter was a professional killer. “That’s not an easy shot,” he said. “He was probably aiming for the head but he missed as [the victim] leaned over to put his ticket in the machine.”

The shooting took place at 6:20pm.

The FBI has offered a US $20,000 reward for information regarding the identity of the shooter. Information can be provided to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City at 555-080-2000.

The federal Attorney General’s office said this morning it was working with U.S. officials to find those responsible, and that state and federal authorities had been assigned to protect the victim.

The newspaper Informador reported that the victim was being treated for a gunshot wound in the upper chest.

Source: The Guardian (en), Milenio (sp)

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  • pedrochapala

    it’s obvious that the person who was shot was driving a black car. not a white honda fit

  • Kigifauvin

    The people at that consulate work hard for US citizens living in Mexico….do we need more protection for them?

    • Hailey Mannering

      Mexicans need protection from the DEA and their devestating bogus “War on Drugs”.

      • K. Chris C.

        Actually, “War on Drugs” not “bogus,” but treasonous.

        Article 3, Section 3, of the Constitution states: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

        An American citizen, not US subject.

  • adamweishaupt

    What is The FBI doing in Mexico and What is the DEA doing in Mexico? That invasion to another Country. I don’t Know of Any Mexican Messing in the Gringo businesses.If Gringos want respect They should Respecte of Mexican Law. That reward offered by FBI is utterly disrecpectful of Mexican Law.

    • Story does not say the FBI is in Mexico, says the FBI has offered a reward. And you don’t know of “Any Mexican Messing in the Gringo businesses”? The U.S. is full of Mexicans who’ve tunneled into the country illegally, and many are messing with all manner of things. They should, to borrow your phrase, “Respecte of” U.S. law, ¿no?

      • David L. Allison

        There is no wall between the corruption in the US and the corruption in Mexico. You do not need a tunnel if you have $500,000 to invest. The US will give you a visa for your dirty money investment. There are entire gated communities in border states of the US funded primarily by Mexico/USA drug corruption.
        Adamweishaupt is simply naive if he believes that the FBI, DEA, CIA and other agencies are not actively engaged in Mexico.

  • lang_eddy

    the man responsible was none other than Donal Duck Trump…Arrest him immediately and throw away the key.

  • Stupid gunman. That’s quite a distance with a pistol.

  • Cayce58

    legalize drugs. All drugs. It has worked in Europe. The government sells drugs out the front door to finance a treatment center in the back. It empties the prisons and saves lives by regulating dosage. More people seek treatment and fewer people seek drugs just to be a rulebreaker.

    • K. Chris C.

      How then would the CIA continue to fund it’s crimes for Zionism around the world?! How then would the profiteers put their progeny through college?! How then would the gun and badge thugs feed their treason?! How then would the prison-industrial-complex–gulags–get the slave labor (13th Amendment) that supports their lucre?! How then would the grifters–banksters–continue their control our financial lives?!

      How then would the US tyranny possibly be expected to continue to function?!

      An American citizen, not US subject.

      • David L. Allison

        You make your point with some pretty strong statements. I wish I did not have to agree with you on virtually all of it. The private prison industry is out of control and the employees are as much a part of the corruption as the owners. I don’t think the CIA is focused on helping Zionism as much as building power and control by the CIA over world governments. Civil forfeiture may be the biggest badge & gun scam corrupting police and police departments across the USA in consort with the banks and state legislatures, Senate & House. Drugs have become an excuse for the corruption and the drug war is the reason for it all.

        • K. Chris C.

          As for Zionism, the Khazarian fifth-column controlling the US tyranny, it is hard to perceive against our brainwashing–“That’s hate!” “Racist!” “Antisemitic” “Blah, blah, blah, whatever!”

          I could write many things that will go toward uncovering the Khazarian fifth-column, but I will just highlight a few:

          1) The makeup of the US Supreme Court is, with Garland’s ascent, be 55% Catholic, out of a US pop. of 12%, and 44% Khazarian, out a US pop. of 1.73% (One POINT seven three). This in a country predominately Protestant.

          2) The heads of the US Federal Reserve grift machine have all been Khazarian nationals–1.73% of the US pop.

          3) Balfour Declaration

          Bonus: John Kerry is really John Kohn.

          And for insight to the Khazarian mindset and current schmes, view this official Swedish news peice where a Khazarain can’t help but thump her chest on the Khazarian’s plans for Sweden and Europe:

          YouTube video: 5jl-OJJVAEg

          Of course many reading this will attribute, Pavlovian like, it all to hate. But then one must ask, “At what point does 1.73% of the US pop. running everything of import in our society become unacceptable?” I would reply that it already has.

          Not hate. Just unacceptable.

          An American citizen, not US subject.

          • pedrochapala

            which looney bin have you escaped from and i hope the mexicans didn’t let you in to this country

    • Axixic

      What do drugs have to do with this American citizen shooting at someone who works for the consulate?