Former Foreign Affairs secretary Ruiz Massieu. Former Foreign Affairs secretary Ruiz-Massieu.

US seen as ‘hostile’ for Mexicans last year

Foreign Affairs secretary warned last June about wave of xenophobia in US

Mexico’s relations with the United States have worsened since Donald Trump became president last month, but the U.S. was already being regarded as “hostile” last year, according to a classified document obtained by the newspaper El Universal.

Former Foreign Affairs Secretary Claudia Ruiz-Massieu warned as early as last June about what she called a wave of xenophobia taking over the U.S.

At the time she said Mexican nationals had a “hard life” in that country, a term that also applied to Honduras, Guatemala, Egypt, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria and Palestine.

The Foreign Affairs Secretariat (SRE) considers a region “hard to live in” when it meets at least one of the following circumstances: there is an ongoing armed conflict, extremely unhealthy conditions or an overtly intolerant or discriminatory regime.

On November 9, Ruiz-Massieu received a report that stated that “an increasingly hostile environment targeting minorities has been perceived by Mexican consulates in the U.S. in recent months.”

That environment included “programmed attacks, marches inciting xenophobia and strong televised debates about aliens, a derogatory term used against migrants, that have undermined the cosmopolitan spirit of the United States.”

The less than favorable environment was coupled with “a presidential electoral process marked by confrontations and uncertainty encouraged by the continuous xenophobic comments made by political, social and business leaders against Hispanic American migrants, especially those from Mexico.”

The report went on to request funding to reinforce the security of Mexico’s diplomatic representations in several U.S. cities.

The federal government rejected the request.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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