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Venezuelans smart from soccer tweet

Ex-president Calderón not popular for comment about Maduro

Venezuelan officials were smarting on Sunday when former Mexican president Felipe Calderón used his Twitter account to criticize Venezuela’s conduct during a Copa América soccer game against Colombia.

“What a shame,” he tweeted, “what a dirty game the Venezuelan team is playing. They look like they were trained by Maduro . . . .”

Maduro is Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro, successor to Hugo Chávez.

Calderón’s tweet generated a lot of interest: it has been retweeted 5,400 times and marked a favorite by 4,615.

But Tareck El Aissami, governor of the Venezuelan state of Aragua, was not among the latter.

“DIRTY are you and your miserable history,” was his response to the slur against Maduro. “RESPECT our people,” which was retweeted by the Venezuelan president himself.

In another tweet he said: “What the Mexican FeliPILLO said is the result of the hatred sown by the right,” referring to a presumed relationship between Calderón and the Venezuelan opposition. FeliPILLO is a play on Felipe and “pillo,” which means rascal or thief.

El Aissami ended his tweet with a hashtag that used another play on words: #FelinarcoRespetaLaVinotinto, or “Drug-traffickerFelipeRespectTheVinotinto,” Vinotinto being the nickname of the Venezuelan national team.

In the end, following Venezuela’s win, Calderón saluted the team: “Well deserved the victory by the Vinotinto . . . . Congratulations, Venezuela.”

As a result of Twitter and other social media, diplomatic relations have entered a whole new era.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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