In Veracruz, no more straws. In Veracruz, no more straws.

In Veracruz, bring your own tote bag and ask for drinks without straw

State passes law banning businesses' use of plastic bags, straws

Lawmakers in Veracruz have unanimously approved legislation banning the use of plastic bags and straws by businesses.

The state Congress modified the solid waste management law following a proposal by the local environmental organization Chalchi Foundation and Deputy Cinthya Lobato Calderón.

On Monday, the proposal was passed by a unanimous vote.

The state’s 212 municipalities will have 180 days to modify their own laws accordingly, while state authorities will oversee a gradual prohibition on the use of plastic by commercial establishments and their replacement with biodegradable alternatives.

” . . . awareness will be raised and [consumers] will be given alternatives through education and environmental programs,” said the president of the Chalchi Foundation.

Olga Díaz Ordaz Terrones explained that a single plastic straw — which can take more than 100 years to break down — can kill a pelican or a turtle, while a plastic bag can kill a dolphin or other similar sized species. Death is by asphyxiation.

“We have to change our consumer habits . . . it’s an act of love for the planet, it’s an act of environmental intelligence. [We should] bring our own tote bag and ask for drinks without a straw,” said Díaz.

She doesn’t think the new law will have any economic repercussions in Mexico because most straws are imported from China, while Mexican firms that manufacture single-use plastic bags and straws will have the necessary time to create biodegradable products.”

Source: XEU (sp), Milenio (sp)

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