Videgaray: helped modify speech? Videgaray: helped modify speech?

Videgaray denies he edited Trump speech

US media report Foreign Affairs Secretary and Trump advisor urged softening language

The relationship between Foreign Affairs Secretary Luis Videgaray and Donald Trump’s son-in-law is close enough that they helped rewrite the United States president’s speech two weeks ago when he signed the executive order to begin construction of a border wall, say media reports.


CBS News and the Washington Post have reported that Videgaray persuaded Jared Kushner, a senior White House adviser, to soften the language in the speech because of the damage it might cause to relations between the two countries.

Videgaray, however, has denied the claim. “I never thought the day would come when I would use this phrase, but it applies now: FAKE NEWS,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

CBS News said that according to unnamed Mexican officials Videgaray was meeting with members of the administration in the White House the day Trump was to sign the order for the border wall when Kushner showed him a copy of the president’s speech.

The officials said Videgaray was horrified, and that Kushner suggested they rewrite it to make it less damaging. The two met with Trump in the Oval Office where they urged the president to soften the language about Mexico, and he agreed.

A White House official has since disputed that version of events. “This is not an accurate account of their meeting and they did not ‘rewrite’ portions of the speech,” he told CBS News.

In the end, softening the language was not enough to prevent an angry response in Mexico, which prompted President Enrique Peña Nieto to make a public broadcast that evening to reiterate that Mexico would not pay for a border wall.


That drew a sharp response the following morning from Trump, who suggested a summit scheduled for the following week should be canceled. Peña Nieto did just that, and ordered Videgaray to return home.

The Washington Post reported today that Videgaray and Kushner, who met through friends in the financial industry, have developed a personal bond.

“Videgaray has in his favor a close relationship with Jared, and that opens a direct channel of communication with Trump,” said Rafael Fernández de Castro, a professor at the ITAM university in Mexico City. Though, he added, “the son-in-law is not going to save us.”

Source: CBS News (en), The Washington Post (en), Reforma (sp)

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  • Güerito

    I’m very worried Trump and his naive son-in-law are clueless about Mexico.

    Trump’s comments about EPN being a great man and a leader worthy of respect show his team is completely out of touch with the reality here in Mexico.

  • K. Chris C.

    “Fake news” defined: That which the Khazarian-media (“Ministry of Truth”) has not produced and distributed via one of their three “ranks.”

    An American citizen, not US subject.

    • Happygirl

      Prove it…Your comments come from the twisted distorted truths that live deep in your mind…from whence do they come…from what website of hate, bigotry and far right…anti-Jewish site? What you say makes no sense. Like some delusional prophet of old, you speak in tongues…stringing words together…tyranny, Khazarian, fifth column, three ranks – as if the reader has a crystal ball and understands you. We do not. For those who don’t know what “Khazarian” is – it refers to a branch of Judaism. What are the three ranks? Educate us please…back it up with facts, truths that can and have been verified and do try to make sense.

  • miabeach

    When the United States demands Mexico close their 50 consulates we will lose some of this propaganda.

  • WestCoastHwy

    “Videgaray and Kushner, who met through friends in the financial industry, have developed a personal bond.” As we simpletons sit here allowing these “Personal Bonds” to make decisions that will affect all of us Socially and Economically, I would like to say, “Moses Left Egypt with the Golden Calf and Parted the Red Sea!”

  • Peter Maiz

    This is troubling as in Mexico we will never know what kind of deal they will actually make.

  • Dan Tucker

    Seems to me, if there were alterations, they didn´t do much good. . . .Trump will probably continue being very offensive to most of the world. Oh well, the American people got what they voted for. Too bad so many people will suffer for it.

    • Donald Godier

      Sorry Dan but the American people know exactly who we elected, its about time we have someone who puts America first in leadership of our country.

      • Dan Tucker

        No need to be sorry. I honestly wish you the best and hope Trump can back up his words with actions that are meaningful and lasting without hurting too many people in the process. . . . Only time will tell the whole truth. Cheers!

        • Donald Godier

          Absolutely right

  • AM

    Trump personifies qualities like vulgarity, superficiality, narcissism, incompetence, and ignorance – Yes, the US got exactly what it deserves.