The Uber driver, cell phone in hand. The Uber driver, cell phone in hand.

Video catches driver viewing pornography

The Uber driver was sexting on his cellphone while driving in Mexico City

A female Uber passenger caught her driver sexting — sending or receiving sexually explicit content — and touching himself sexually while driving on a rainy night in Mexico City. And she has video to prove it.

Renata Villarreal booked the ride-hailing service on Monday night after finishing work, but her daily routine was about to be shaken.

In an account of the events that she posted on Facebook, Villarreal said the driver began texting while he was driving. “I asked him if he could put the phone down and initially he put it back on the dashboard, next to the GPS.”

Moments later a notification prompted the driver to pick up the device again. After Villarreal decided to shoot video in order to report the driver, she discovered it was sexual content that had captured his attention.

“He kept receiving and sending messages. As I was about to complain again I started recording him with the sole intention of reporting him . . . . I then noticed he was watching porn on his phone. He wasn’t even hiding it. He had the phone in front of him, at shoulder height and the screen aimed directly at me while he watched porn, and he turned to look back at me at times.”

As the driver flipped through the photos he touched his genitals, the woman wrote.

All this took place as he drove.

Villareal said she had reported the incident to Uber, sending photos and video, which advised it would take “pertinent measures.”

The company was reluctant to share any further information, she said.

” . . . So I don’t know if that pervert will still be around doing the same thing, or even doing something worse to another woman,” Villarreal posted.

She also said she would file a formal complaint before the public prosecutor’s office but “unfortunately a complaint won’t be enough in this country. No one will go after him to punish him. He won’t be registered as a sexual offender, and he probably won’t have any trouble finding another job if Uber fires him.”

She identified the driver as Juan Manuel and the vehicle as a dark-colored Renault Scala.

According to Mexico City traffic regulations, using a cellphone while driving can be punishable with a fine of 2,600 pesos (almost US $150) and the loss of three points on the offender’s driver’s license.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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