Police investigate a case of vigilante justice. Police investigate a case of vigilante justice.

Vigilantes vs thieves: cases up from 6 to 27

Passengers on public transit are increasingly taking action against robberies

Statistics back up what has become evident through news reports: a growing number of armed vigilantes in the greater Mexico City area have been taking a stand against thieves on public transportation.

So far this year there have been 27 reported cases of thieves being attacked and killed in retaliation for attempting to rob bus passengers. Last year there were just six.

November saw the most cases with six, while only seven were recorded between January and May.

More inhabitants of the State of México municipality of Naucalpan are armed than average or they’re exposed to more attempted robberies as one-third of all reported cases this year took place there.

Not as frequent are cases in the municipalities of Toluca and Ecatepec, in the same state, which this year reported seven cases.

In Mexico City proper five thieves have been killed in similar cases this year.

A national poll on public safety perceptions has shown that the inhabitants of both states believe public transportation and pedestrian robberies are the most frequent crimes.

The perception of authorities in both jurisdictions is completely different, as both have offered assurances that the incidence of both crimes has dropped this year.

The newspaper Milenio quoted the governor of the State of México, Eruviel Ávila, saying that measures implemented during his administration have had the positive effect of reducing robberies on public transportation by 5% between January and October.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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