Passengers wait for Viva Aerobus flights in Mexico City Passengers wait for Viva Aerobus flights in Mexico City. reforma

Viva Aerobus delays anger passengers

Consumer protection agency receives 2,500 complaints

Flights on the low-cost carrier Viva Aerobus were delayed at airports around the country yesterday including at least eight from the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), angering affected passengers.


According to sources at the AICM, the flights were delayed because they didn’t have an assigned flight plan, but the airline attributed the delays to aircraft maintenance.

Chiapas, Cancún, Monterrey and Guadalajara were among the affected destinations with delays of between four and eight hours.

Profeco, the consumer protection agency, set up a module at the airport and reported that some 2,500 people had registered complaints related to flight delays or cancellations.

Disgruntled passengers, some of whom were affected by the delays after disembarking from long international flights, expressed their anger and frustration with the situation.

Rosa María Rodríguez arrived in Mexico City from Madrid, Spain, to discover that her connecting flight to Monterrey, Nuevo León, was delayed by more than six hours and there was confusion about the time the flight would actually leave.

“It’s chaos here,” she said. “Some say 04:30, others say 04:00. They take us here and there and everywhere.”


Paula Flores of Naucalpan, State of México, was another affected passenger. Her Viva Aerobus flight to Chiapas was delayed by more than three hours. She had planned to travel a week earlier but that flight was cancelled.

“It makes you mad because they don’t tell you that you have a right to a taxi or accommodation. There is no information, no one knows the aviation laws.”

Other passengers had similar stories with some turning to social media to vent their frustration, firing off tweets to the @VivaAerobus Twitter handle.

“Three and a half hour delay and you still want us to trust you,” one user wrote.

A company spokesperson said that three airplanes had undergone major maintenance on Friday, which caused the delays. The company also stated that affected passengers had been compensated.

Airports in Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mazatlán and Ciudad Juárez also experienced delays.

In April this year the Chamber of Deputies voted in favor of new regulations to punish airlines for flight delays and cancellations and require they compensate affected passengers for their inconvenience.

Viva Aerobus and Interjet were the worst Mexican airlines for flight delays during the first two months of the year. The Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics, an agency of the federal Transportation Secretariat, said 14% of Viva Aerobus’ flights were delayed and 20% of Interjet’s.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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