A Voom flight over Mexico City. A Voom flight over Mexico City.

Voom has high expectations for Mexico City helicopter service

Service appeals to travelers who don't want to spend hours in traffic

After successfully launching last month in Mexico City, the helicopter booking service Voom expects to capitalize on some of the worst traffic in the world.

A subsidiary of France-based Airbus Helicopters, Voom first began operating last year in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the second most populous city in America after the Mexican capital.

In one year, Voom has flown more than 4,000 people in Brazil, but expects to surpass that during their first year of operations in Mexico, CEO Uma Subramanian said in an interview with Reuters.

“There is demand from people who do not want to spend three or four hours in traffic,” said Subramanian.

The company’s online application allows customers to book flights in helicopters up to seven days or just 60 minutes before a flight.

Subramanian added that Voom is considering working with Spanish ride hailing company Cabify, as it has done in Sao Paulo, to help customers complete trips on the ground.

A helicopter can cover the 30 kilometers between the capital’s airport and the Interlomas neighborhood, one of the fastest growing areas, in 12 minutes compared to more than three hours in a car during peak hours, Subramanian said.

Voom only offers three routes from the airport, but plans to increase its offerings.

Fares range from 2,500 to 4,000 pesos (US $132-$210), but Subramanian describes the prices as accessible, being “up to 80% less than other traditional helicopter services.”

One of Voom’s frequent flyers in Mexico City is investment fund manager Alfredo Weitzner.

“Whenever you fly you have to arrive hours earlier. With Voom, the benefit is that you’re guaranteed to arrive on time for your flight.”

The service has helped him reduce stress since he no longer worries about whether or not he will catch his flight, he told the news agency Xinhua.

Source: Reuters (sp), Xinhua (en)

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