world's longest taco Mexico won record for the longest taco — 40 meters long — in 2010. demotix

Wanted: 3,000 people for the biggest selfie

Guinness mania continues with today's selfie shoot in Mexico City

Mexico’s craze for Guinness records continues today with an attempt to take the world’s biggest selfie, a record currently held by Georgia, in the United States, whose selfie photo included 2,997 people.

The goal of the OCNMX, a national cultural organization, is to have 3,000 people turn up today at the Monumento a Los Niños Heroes in Chapultepec. However, its ultimate goal is promote Mexico City as an international tourist destination.

OCNMX spokesman Víctor Hugo Rodríguez said Mexico leads Latin America in Guinness records, having achieved some 400 in various categories during the last decade. His organization earned three last year and is looking to gain 10 this year.

Mexican columnist Carlos Puig suggested two years ago in the New York Times that Mexico’s enthusiasm for Guinness records might be a result of sensitivity over poor showings in other contests such as soccer and the Olympics.

The country’s favorite sport is soccer, he wrote, but Mexico has never won a World Cup. It consistently underperforms at the Olympics and in economic terms has usually ranked at the bottom of almost every economic indicator since it joined the OECD, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, in the 1990s.

“At least,” wrote Puig, “with the Guinness records you can always be a winner.”

Mexico does indeed have a respectable winning record with Guinness: longest torta (44 meters), largest cup of hot chocolate (2,400 liters) and the largest group kiss (38,897 people).

Last year in Mexico City the record for the largest number of antique vehicles in a parade was beaten, as was that for the largest collection of Harry Potter memorabilia. Yucatán was not to be left out: it won a record for the largest octopus feast, or pulpeada, which weighed 326 kilograms.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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