A tanker delivers water in Cuernavaca. A tanker delivers water in Cuernavaca.

Water supply issues affect 57% of homes

But there may be relief now that Cuernavaca has made a payment on its CFE account

Every three days a neighborhood in the city of Cuernavaca has no running water according to a survey that also found 57% of the city’s population suffers interruptions in the supply.

The findings by Morelos Rinde Cuentas (Morelos is accountable), a research organization, come during a water crisis brought about by the municipality’s outstanding electricity bill of 91 million pesos, to which the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) responded by turning off the power to pumping stations.

The organization found that 28% of residents are unhappy with their water service and 41% feel the same way about the sewer system. On a scale of one to 10 (the latter being best) water and sewer services were rated an average of 6.5.

Morelos Rinde Cuentas also discovered that over 5,200 people in the municipality of Cuernavaca, 2010 population 365,000, receive their water via tanker trucks, at a starkly higher cost than those connected to the water mains.

On average, a family connected to municipal water spends 1,074 pesos (US $57) per year on water, while those who buy it from the trucks, called pipas, spend five times more — 5,400 pesos ($288).

For those who have a connection, a more consistent supply may be coming. The mayor has issued a first payment of 8 million pesos to the CFE.

The state government, no friend of the mayor, said that since Monday it has distributed water in tanker trucks to over 1,500 families residing in the neighborhoods most affected by the interrupted supply.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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