The tequila cloud exhibit in Berlin. The tequila cloud exhibit in Berlin.

Weather in Germany: cloudy with tequila

Tourist board presents tequila cloud during Germany's wettest month

It’s been raining in Germany but, thanks to Mexico, the rain has come in the form of tequila rather than water.

A tourism promotion in the form of a “tequila cloud” was installed in a Berlin art gallery as part of a promotion by the Mexican Tourist Board.

Every time it rained in the city the cloud was programmed to rain as well, but it wasn’t water that fell from the cloud.

The advertising agency Lapiz used ultrasonic humidifiers to vibrate tequila at a frequency that turned the spirit into a visible mist, reported Ad Week. The mist was then condensed into liquid form and fell as raindrops, said the report, perhaps meaning to say tequiladrops.

So whenever it began raining, visitors to the exhibit could take a glass and pour themselves a shot of tequila from the cloud.

Held earlier this month, the exhibit was timed to take place during Germany’s wettest month and serve as a reminder to Germans that sunnier weather — and tequila — await them in Mexico.

Source: Ad Week (en)

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