'Winter Texans' in Tamaulipas this week. 'Winter Texans' in Tamaulipas this week.

‘Winter Texans’ go home after safe trip

Tamaulipas working to encourage US, Canadian visitors to come back

For the first time in eight years a tour group made up of around 80 “Winter Texans” has visited the northern border state of Tamaulipas.

And by all accounts they had a very good — and safe — time.

For many of the tourists — United States and Canadian citizens who spend the cold winter months in the south of Texas — the highlight of the trip was attending the colorful and lively Playa Miramar carnival.

“My stay in Tamaulipas has been very nice. We visited the carnival, we saw a show, it was fabulous. We’ve had positive experiences [and] met a lot of people . . . everyone is very friendly” said Hugh Bachs of Napanee, Ontario.

Another Canadian visitor gave a similarly glowing report.

“We’ve been treated very well by everyone here and we’ve had tremendous fun. My favorite moment of the trip so far was the carnival. We enjoyed it for hours. Without a doubt, I would recommend visiting Tamaulipas to my friends,” said Robert Mason of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The “Winter Texans” also visited the city of Tampico where they enjoyed a tour of the historic center. The cathedral, the city’s main squares and the old maritime Customs House were all highlights.

Months prior to their arrival, officials from the Tamaulipas Secretariat of Tourism visited the Rio Grande Valley in Texas to hold meetings with tour operators with the aim of reactivating tourism from the neighboring state.

Last month, officials from the Ciudad Madero municipal government also went to Texas to promote the Playa Miramar carnival.

State authorities including Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca and the state’s public security and tourism secretariats have worked to ensure that tourists can visit the state’s attractions safely, in response to the violence has plagued Tamaulipas in recent years.

At an event to welcome the tourists, the tourism secretary said that the government would continue working to attract more visitors to Tamaulipas.

“. . . this kind of tourism has a significant economic impact . . . we hope that this trend continues . . .” María Isabel Gómez Castro said.

Travel by “Winter Texans” to Tamaulipas has been severely affected by insecurity during the last eight years.

Source: Milenio (sp), MVS Noticias (sp)

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