Non-meat, meth burritos. Non-meat, meth burritos.

Woman arrested for meatless burritos

A sniffer dog detected their real contents at the Nogales border crossing

Where’s the beef is what United States border agents wanted to know when a 23-year-old Arizona woman crossed the border from Mexico last week with a bag full of burritos.


They might have asked too about the missing guacamole and sour cream but they probably had other questions for Susy Laborin, whose burritos instead contained an estimated half a kilogram of methamphetamine.

Laborin entered the U.S. through the Morley Pedestrian Gate in Nogales but was referred for further inspection. A sniffer dog detected what was actually inside the non-meat burritos.

The value of the drug was estimated at US $3,000; the woman claimed she was to be paid $500 for transporting it to Tuscon.

The Customs and Border Protection Office later tweeted that officers in Nogales, “hungry for a drug seizure, bag a pound of meth burritos.”

Source: The Telegraph (en)

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  • Sharon

    Sounds like Susy is not too bright – she should have asked for more money, so she can make bail. I cannot figure out how come people think they can fool the border guards, especially the four legged ones?

  • mrpoohead

    Reminds me of Cornish pasties – first bite no meat, second bite nearly there, third bite past it. And I’d repeat all day after – yuk!