The baby stolen from a Oaxaca hospital this morning. The baby stolen from a Oaxaca hospital this morning.

Woman kidnaps baby from Oaxaca hospital

An infant has been recovered but it's not certain they have the right baby

A woman has been taken into custody in Oaxaca city on suspicion of stealing a baby from the city’s Civil Hospital this morning, but no one is certain they found the right baby.


A woman with an infant was arrested at a home in Santa Lucía del Camino after a taxi driver became suspicious about a fare he had picked up outside the Civil Hospital.

When his passenger told him her baby was sick with a fever he wondered why she was taking him away from the hospital. Soon after he learned that a baby had been taken that morning, so he called a radio station to tell his story.

A woman dressed as a nurse had entered the hospital about 6:00am and stolen a two-day-old baby from his mother on the pretext that some tests were to be carried out in another part of the facility.

After the taxi driver made his call, police arrested a woman whose description fit that of the kidnapper and two others, and took custody of a baby after the woman could show no documents to show where the baby had been born.

But following the arrest the family of the missing baby declared the infant that had been located was not the one that had been taken, although several hours after the arrest they had still not been allowed to see the infant.


To add to the confusion, the mother of the arrested woman insisted that her daughter had told her she was pregnant. At the last report, she and other family members were waiting outside the hospital for the results of DNA tests.

An investigator on the case said those results would take as long as 24 hours to obtain.

Authorities said the woman in custody has a criminal record.

Source: NVI Noticias (sp), El Universal (sp)

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