Jenny Chen, missing since April 11. Jenny Chen, missing since April 11.

Woman missing on Oaxaca-Cancún trip

Jenny Chen is believed to have been hitchhiking from Oaxaca April 11

A 26-year-old American woman is missing after leaving the city of Oaxaca April 11 for Cancún, where she was scheduled to meet up with her husband.


Jenny Chen, a U.S. citizen but originally from China, was reportedly hitchhiking to the resort city but never arrived, and there has been no communication from her since she left Oaxaca.

Chen is described as being 156 centimeters in height, of thin build with white skin and oriental features. She was carrying a cell phone and wears glasses.

According to information on her page at, a hospitality exchange and social media site, Chen was born in China but moved to the U.S. in 2013.

She wrote that she had begun traveling in Mexico on March 1 and was planning to go to Cuba on Saturday and New York City on June 1. She described herself as fluent in English and Chinese and said she was learning Spanish.

Anyone with information about the missing woman can contact her husband, Jonathan Reinhard, through his Facebook page.

Mexico News Daily

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  • John Terence OBryan

    Hitch hiking in Mexico, not a good idea.

    • Paiute

      I live in Mexico and buses are cheap. She was not thinking correctly. RIP

  • G.b. Adams

    A pretty young female hitchicking in Mexico? Good Gawd!

  • Elisabeth Ashe-Dirmeitis

    to save a few bucks on a bus or airplane ticket?

    • Beau

      Chini are penny pinchers. Obviously neither her or her husband did any research on the dangers of females hitchhiking alone in Mexico. Sad story with a very doubtful good ending.

      • PintorEnMexico

        Sure, nothing like a little racism to explain it all. “Chini?!?

        • Beau

          Touchy people!

  • Ed Connor

    perfect recipe for disaster

  • monATmex

    Oh boy! What were you thinking? 🙁 i live in mexico and they have a machismo culture. Women travelling alone is fair game for predators.

  • Jerry Freed

    I hope she is ok, but what a stupid thing to do. Not surprising, though. I am living in Hong Kong right now and every day I read about people doing unbelievable stuff in China. One could do a reality show about stuff that happens in China.

  • Bill Beardsley

    A single person, but especially a female, hitch-hiking even in the US, or anywhere in this world for that matter, except maybe Hawaii, where I am from, is a bad idea these days unfortunately. But a single female hitch-hiking in Latin America, I think is a a really, really CRAZY idea. Sorry. Dumb move. Not to diminish the horror of what most likely befell her. We live in a potenitally cruel/violent world and everyone needs to be open to being educated about how to move about it in a safe way.

  • Hitchhiking? Well, here’s Darwinism at work.

  • David Nichols

    It’s not just a bad idea in Mexico, it would be a bad idea virtually anywhere… What could she possibly have been thinking??
    If it was to avoid the expense of a bus ticket, she apparently decided her life was worth less than 1000 pesos…

  • Tsing Tsai

    I think it isn’t about money for her to hitchhike. It’s about the experience to connect with strangers. She’s brave, sometimes stubborn, but always looking at the good side of humanity. And this might be just enough to put herself in danger.

    • Beau

      She should have done her research about how to connect with strangers in Mexico. It is a safety iissue Yes, for most part Mexican people are are very welcoming and friendly, but a young woman traveling alone and hitchhiking her way to other States, is the equivalent of traveling Syria in a miniskirt.

  • Jonathan Reinhard

    I find some of your comments pretty horrible, racist and insensitive (Beau). I am her husband, and she made a bad decision and she doesn’t deserve the outcome. If you care and want to help go to to
    For those who truly care god bless you. For those with negative awful comments- shame on you!

  • pablobi

    All that I can say (or what I believe a decent human should say) is that I hope information on her whereabouts will surface soon. Positive or negative is better than uncertainty.


    I’m guessing her husband tried to explain that a young woman traveling alone was a stupid idea…and after weeks of fighting with her he finally said….go ahead and go. China is a very safe place for women, but Mexico is a dangerous place for anyone traveling alone. She was very ignorant and her husband can be blamed in part for her death. She is not alive.

  • PeterMcPumpkinPhD

    It is possible that she met a new Dude and has decided to hook up.
    Perhaps her marriage wasn’t fulfilling to her. She is almost half the age of her husband! Why else would a married
    woman travel alone?

    • guismo37

      I got the same idea. All this subject is very suspicious. Before all this happened the husband commented on one of his wife’s pictures that he wouldn’t need to file a missing person report as a sarcastic joke to her and the wife answered to everyone except her husband’s comments. That infers they weren’t comunicating too much while she was traveling, which is more strange when you read the interviews and know that he says they were in constant comunication always. That comment on the wife’s facebook profile says the opposite. And I am trying to find the wife’s facebook profile again but it is gone.

      I just hope she is ok.

      • Beau

        Very interesting. I wonder if he purchased any life insurance policies on his wife’s name, if he did, they should bring him in for questioning.

  • Is Mexico safe to drive through ?

    • Diana_Luckysova

      While hitchhiking is unsafe pretty much everywhere, it is safe to drive in Mexico.

      • Karen Walker

        Not at night.

  • ガーゴイル

    Biology teachers should use this to help students study evolution by natural selection, you go full retard travel without money and companion and you go missing and die, so you won’t breed more stupid people that go full retard.

    • PintorEnMexico

      And listening to that horrid metal group, Gargoyle, has made you heartless, stupid, and likely impotent, so we don’t have worry about any of your genes swimming around the pool…

      • ガーゴイル

        Not stupid enough to put myself in that hellhole Mexico without any money and companion. Wonder why 20 million Mexicans illegals rather leech off welfare in the US, than to live in the country they are so proud of? Because 20 million Mexicans knows what a corrupt, drug rampant lawless shithole their country is. Found your 43 college students corpse yet? Smart people like them magically disappear in your country too, guess their genes were burnt to crisp in some mass grave in Mexico.