World’s slowest traffic found in Oaxaca city

But it still ranks better than Mexico City for traffic congestion

Oaxaca city residents ought to get themselves some sensible shoes and give up trying to get around by car.


That was one observation that came out of the 2017 Inrix Global Traffic Scorecard, which produced surprising but not expected results for the congested state capital.

The study found that the average speed of vehicles during peak traffic periods was a mere 5.9 kilometers per hour, little more than the average speed that people walk. On its website, Inrix advised residents to “get some good shoes.”

In comparison, the global average traffic speed during rush hours is 14.4 km/h.

Still, with a ranking of 143rd Oaxaca did better than Mexico City, which was rated the 16th worst city in the world for traffic congestion.

The amount of time spent by Mexico City motorists in congested traffic last year was 58 hours, a slight improvement on the 2016 figure of 61.5.

The next worst Mexican cities were Matamoros, Tamaulipas; Guadalajara, Jalisco; Monterrey, Nuevo León; and Tula, Hidalgo.

The most congested city in the world was Los Angeles, California, where motorists spent 102 hours stuck in traffic. It has held its first-place ranking for six consecutive years.

In second and third place were Moscow and New York City.

The Inrix study is the largest of its kind, analyzing and ranking the impact of traffic congestion in 1,360 cities, 82 of which are in Mexico.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • cooncats

    Oaxaca does it to itself with very poor usage and timing of traffic lights, grossly excessive use of topes and quite amazing incompetence in all matters having to do with traffic management. It deserves this “honor.”

  • David Myler

    The article does not mention the continual bloqueos, permitted by the government, that inhibit and even stop traffic flow.

  • basily

    Lets not forget the lack of driver education, and lack of enforcement of traffic rules. These are major causes of slow downs. A car or bus would never block an intersection in Canada, first because of good driver’s ed, and second because you’ll get an expensive ticket. Cars and buses constantly block intersections here in Oaxaca, in fact if you’re driving and you DON’T do it, you may never get past the lights because drivers in the lane beside you will simply move ahead of you into the intersection and cut you off.

    • David Myler

      Very true!