Constandse: upgrades, a new park and perhaps a new hotel this year. Constandse: upgrades, a new park and perhaps a new hotel this year.

Xcaret plans to invest 705mn pesos in 2018

Quintana Roo park operator plans upgrades and new extreme park

The firm that owns Xcaret Park in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, has announced a 705-million-peso (US $38-million) investment in upgrades to existing facilities and another theme park.


Experiencias Xcaret vice-president and co-founder Carlos Constandse Madrazo said the amount is 36% more than the company invested last year.

Plans include the installation in the Riviera Maya of the tallest waterslide in Mexico and a new extreme park to be called Xavage. They might also include a second hotel, which would represent an additional investment of over 800 million pesos.

Contandse said Xcaret’s six parks welcomed 3.3 million visitors last year, and that the goal for 2018 is to attract 4 million.

Of last year’s visitors 28% were Mexican and the remainder came mainly from the United States, Latin America and Canada.

Opened in 1991, the park employs over 6,100 people and generates an estimated 24,000 additional jobs, and is considered one of the best places to work in the region.

Despite a complex start to last year, Constandse said, the company finished on a positive note.

“Yes, there was fear but not enough time for regret. We’re ready to keep on growing.”

Growth will continue to have a local focus for the time being. Constandse said there have been numerous proposals to take their product abroad, “but it’s not time yet.”

For a project to succeed, the 70-year-old said, “its creators must be physically present.” Expansion abroad, when it happens, will be put in the hands of “the second generation of managers, and they’re coming along strong.”

Source: El Economista (sp)

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  • WestCoastHwy

    Hey Carlos Constandse Madrazo, you need to maintain your facility first and foremost, I was there a couple of years back and I would be down right embarrass if I were responsible for the parks upkeep. I got my money back and left after about an hour of looking at thing that were crumbling. Just remember, not all your visitors are categorically like Mexicans.

    • Phyllis .Launius

      I was there the first week of January 2018 and it’s awesome! Well kept, clean, etc. We highly recommend it.

      • WestCoastHwy

        Then I put you categorically like a Mexican. After awhile you get use to all the decay around you until you get back to civilization and realize how unkempt the details are in Mexico. I would believe it has something to do with Mexican wages and education, but hey who am I to criticize how the Mexicans keep or maintain there surroundings. I just look the other way and realize that Mexicans will be Mexicans.

        • Phyllis .Launius

          Just stay home next time. Don’t need tourists like you.

          • WestCoastHwy

            Yes, I do go where categorically the people that expect more. Sorry to hear that you accept the lesser things in life, you must drink boxed wine then! But then again, to each their own.

  • WestCoastHwy

    Trailer trash would of stayed and accepted the crumbing mess. But I understand your type, you think everybody that doesn’t stand in lines are snobs.