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Young engineer designs Android tablet app with goal of reducing pregnancy deaths

For doctors, interns and midwives in 100 rural areas of Mexico Android tablets are becoming a common tool in their medical bags, thanks to a Mexican engineer.

Since the beginning of the year, the application Amanece-Net has become an important tool for monitoring the condition of pregnant women in rural communities, who are at high risk for reasons of poor care, living far from health centers or poor training among those employed at those centers.

According to the Maternal Mortality Observatory of Mexico, on average 960 women die every year during pregnancy. It’s a number that Fernando Rojas believes can be reduced with technology.

Rojas, at 32 recognized as one of the young entrepreneurs under 35 who are changing the country, says poor care and mortality among pregnant women is a public health problem in Mexico. “That was the reason for creating a tablet -based system of monitoring pregnancies using a mobile application,” said Rojas, who is manager of technological innovation at the Carlos Slim Health Institute.

The application allows for the gathering of medical data from patients who are unable to access a clinic for financial reasons. The information is relayed by the application to a public health center for an immediate diagnosis.

“This application is directed at medical professionals who don’t have the medical equipment or have to be travelling among towns . . . .” explained Rojas.

The system is now being used in 100 municipalities in seven states where mortality rates are highest. Rojas hopes to see that mortality rate reduced to less than 100 per year.


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