Tillerson and Kelly: not welcome, say PRD Senators. Tillerson and Kelly: not welcome, say PRD Senators.

‘You’re not welcome,’ US officials told

Tillerson-Kelly visit earns rejection by leftist Senators, demonstration by US citizens

The visit to Mexico by two senior representatives of the United States government triggered a “you’re-not-welcome” message from left-wing politicians and a demonstration outside the U.S. embassy by U.S. citizens living in Mexico.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly arrived yesterday to met with senior Mexican officials as relations between the two countries have continued to sour, particularly over new U.S. immigration policies.

But as far as the 19 Democratic Revolution Party Senators are concerned, the two are not welcome in Mexico.

In a statement published today the Senators rejected the visit because the officials represent a government that “constantly offends the Mexican people.”

Among the several reasons why Tillerson and Kelly were not welcome was that they represent an administration that is “hostile” to Mexico, as evidenced by the executive order issued for the construction of a border wall.

They also cited “a massive campaign” of deportations against Mexican and Latin American migrants and the pressure on U.S. firms to move their investments out of Mexico, thereby harming the economy.

The Senators also believe that Tillerson and Kelly represent a government that poses a threat to world peace.

The Trump administration was also the focus of a protest planned for this afternoon by organizations of U.S. citizens in Mexico, where a letter was to be presented to Tillerson.

They labeled the administration’s messages regarding Mexico as “disconcerting, unfounded and profoundly disturbing,” and called for it to stop the use of “hostile rhetoric and cease its dissemination of untruths in communications.”

The letter criticized Trump’s border wall for having rallied nationalist sentiment in Mexico, for being “so absurd that it erodes the credibility” of officials calling for it and making little practical sense.

Trump was also accused of misleading the public with false statements about the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement on the U.S.

The letter’s signatories — Democrats Abroad Mexico, The Women’s March Mexico, Bridges to Understanding and Concerned Citizens Living in Mexico — urged increased cooperation with Mexico on bilateral issues and “more serious assessments of policy options in the future.”

They expressed the hope that Trump would make an official visit to Mexico and agree to meet with them to hear “the voices of 1.5 million U.S. citizens residing in Mexico,” which they describe as the largest community of American expatriates in the world.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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