Winning photo in the international competition. Winning photo in the competition among indigenous women.

Zapotec photographer wins prize in international competition

Photo was among 96 entries by indigenous women in Latin America and Caribbean

A Zapotec woman from Oaxaca has won an international photography prize for a photo of two women at work drying coffee beans.

The photograph by Jaqueline Roque Candelaria emerged as the winner from among 96 entries by indigenous women throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Roque captured two women sitting on the ground with coffee beans spread out before them in her small village of San Isidro Paz y Progreso, located in the municipality of Santa María Yucuhiti, part of the Mixteca region.

Photographs in the competition depict day to day activities, from working the land, collecting herbs and harvesting coffee, to the cleaning of chiles and the preparation of traditional meals. All reflect the relationship the indigenous women have with the earth, their territory and the natural resources that guarantee that food production will be enough for their families and communities.

Of the subjects in the photo Roque said: “Indigenous women from the Mixteca of Oaxaca are pillars in the production of coffee; with their hands they harvest, clean and select it using traditional methods; from its sale they obtain the family sustenance.

“Their hands are marked not only by the signs of hard work but also by the conservation of their resources, culture and history; their eyes reflect love for the land, the same love that must be preserved and transmitted to new generations.”

The goal of the Indigenous Women and Food Security competition is to draw attention to the ways in which indigenous women contribute to food security and the financial and social development of their communities, said Guadalupe Martínez, an organizer.

Roque’s winning photograph, along with other winners, was presented on Wednesday in Mexico City as part of an exhibit called Indigenous Women of Mexico: Land and Territory, which will be open through May at the National Institute for the Historical Studies of the Revolutions of Mexico (INEHRM).

The photo competition is a project of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the International Indigenous Women’s Forum and the news agency Notimia.

Some of the photographs can be seen on the Notimia webpage.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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