Sailfest boats in Zihuatanejo. Sailfest boats in Zihuatanejo.

Zihuatanejo event raises record funds

The annual regatta known as Sailfest also attracted a record number of boats

The 17th annual Zihuatanejo Sailfest raised a record 2.1 million pesos (close to US $113,000) and drew 42 boats for the benefit of marginalized children in the Pacific coast resort destination.

Organized by the non-governmental organization Por los Niños de Zihuatanejo, the annual six-day event combines fun, games and a regatta to raise funds for education.

Administrator Lorenzo Marbut told the news website ABC de Zihuatanejo that a record number of sailboats participated in this year’s festival, as did larger numbers of volunteers and sponsors.

“It has been the best in the 17 years of history of the Sailfest, we’re very happy. The heroes this year are the sailors,” he said.

The organization has yet to define how the funds raised will be spent because it doesn’t accept applications from schools until after the event when the total amount of funds available is known.

Marbut explained that it will be in March or April before applications from local schools are received.

Since 2005, Por los Niños de Zihuatanejo has built 102 classrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and playgrounds in 14 new schools and in expansions to 21, and feeds more than 30,000 breakfasts and lunches a year to students.

Source: ABC de Zihuatanejo (sp)

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