Trump: embarrassing to expats. Trump: embarrassing to expats.

An expat apologizes to Mexican neighbors

American expats embarrassed, chagrined by unwarranted attacks by Donald Trump

The picture presented to the American people describing our Mexican friends and neighbors by President Trump is despicable.

The need I have felt as an expat to apologize to the Mexican people is overwhelming and I am grateful to Mexico News Daily for this opportunity.

I do not speak for all American expats living in Mexico but I think it can be safely said that the vast majority of my fellow expats, who are fortunate to call Mexico our home, are embarrassed and deeply chagrined by the unwarranted, misguided and gratuitous attacks on our Mexican friends and neighbors by President Trump and his administration.

My experiences and those of so many of my friends and neighbors have shown time and again the kindness, generosity of spirit, and inventiveness of the Mexican people.

Far from the draconian picture drawn by our new “leader,” (elected with a minority of the popular vote), Mexico’s people daily offer irrefutable proof of a hard-working, upwardly striving, and vibrant society.

The false claims offered in defense of the totally absurd wall proposal are just a piece in the new administration’s quest to bend reality to its selfish and ultimately indefensible upside down world view.

Please help us spread the word and let our Mexican friends and neighbors know that the vast majority of the thousands-strong expat community — Republicans, Democrats and independents alike — are working both individually and collectively to do all possible to oppose Trumpian edicts, most especially as they impact upon our adoptive home.

The direction the Trump administration is taking, most particularly toward Mexico, does not represent the thinking of the majority of Americans and clearly is not reflective of the thinking of the Mexican expat community.

Again my personal apologies for the damage and hurt my misguided government is causing this wonderful country and its citizens.

The writer lives in San Miguel de Allende.

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