Trump: don't apologize for him. Trump: don't apologize for him.

Defend your country, don’t apologize for it

Expats are ambassadors and should stand up for their country

I have had to defend the United States from Mexicans, especially educated Mexicans, during my 52 years living in this country.


This includes very difficult times, including the Vietnam War, Iraq, race issues, immigration issues and many others including President Donald Trump’s outrageous language.

Mexicans who criticize the American government’s behavior want you as an American to challenge them, not bend over backwards and apologize so they will like you — they won’t.

I know from countless confrontations and I can say I never made an enemy defending my country.

First and foremost, an expat is an ambassador, regardless of which country he lives in. Ambassadors stand up for their country as should expats. “My country right or wrong” is as meaningful today as it was when I first came to Mexico.

I can tell you unequivocally that it is more important for an expat to be respected than to be liked.

If you don’t like Trump, discuss it with fellow Americans, but never apologize to a Mexican. Rather, if asked to comment on Trump you might remind the host nation that:


1. The United States has a $58 billion trade deficit with Mexico.

2. Forty per cent of the Mexican work force is employed by a U.S. company or its subsidiary. That represents billions of dollars invested in the Mexican economy.

3. Mexicans in the U.S. send billions of dollars in remittances to their families in Mexico. Why is that?

4. What does Mexico do to safeguard its northern and southern borders? The Obama administration gave Mexico $75 million to beef up its security on the Guatemalan and Belize borders. Why do thousands of illegals from Central America and other parts of the world keep pouring into Mexico on their way to the U.S.?

Mexicans who complain about the U.S. (you may find that few do including those that worked illegally in the U.S. and got caught) are usually the leftist intelligentsia graduates of UNAM, the National Autonomous University of México. We used to refer to them as “champagne socialists.”

Americans living in San Miguel de Allende are a different story. Since few speak the language to maintain a conversation, they go to cocktail parties (at least three every day), and think they know how Mexicans feel. Since they can’t talk to cab drivers, electricians, painters, mechanics, etc., they think that lawyers, doctors and notaries are their friends. They are just after getting your dollars.

The others who serve Americans and lived illegally in the U.S. speak well of their experience. But then you have to speak the language.

People like Mark Bilker are a disgrace. Hopefully they will return to the U.S. before they get other Americans who are as lacking in cross-culture doing some real harm.

Beldon Butterfield is a writer and former publisher and media representative. He is retired and lives in San Miguel de Allende.

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  • bajawood

    Excuse me but “My country Right or Wrong”is crap no matter where you live. It reminds me of during the Vietnam war when conservatives loved to say “Love it or Leave it.” Another bull…it way to shut off criticism and communication at a time when it is most important that we communicate. I have lived out of the US a good part of my life, most recently in Mexico, and I am not an ambassador for my country. If I feel ashamed of my country or my president I will talk about it to whoever I please including my Mexican family. We need more open dialogue not less, and especially with the Mexican people many of whom in my experience feel hurt, angry, disillusioned and sometimes frightened for the consequences coming from the actions of the US government. These are people who are not graduates of UNAM, people who love many aspects of the US and its people, but are not in agreement with the actions of this “so called” president.

    The answer to your four questions would need an indepth conversation about economics, international trade, history, governmental affairs. It is not a simple matter of Mexicans abusing the US as the “so called” president implies. A more important question in my opinion is what kind of relationship does the US want to have with other countries and especially with its neighboring countries. Are we going to go back to the “Ugly American Bully” who invade Guatemala, who supported the Chilean coup and helped assassinate Allende, who more recently lied about WMD so we could invade Iraq so Bush could get revenge on the guy who tried to kill his Daddy

    No that is not the country I want for my kids and my grandkids both in the USA and here in Mexico. It is time we grow up and become conscious members of the human species, rather than ignorant, tribal throwbacks and miscreant believers in ideas, philosophies and religions that separate us from each other and from life, and which may eventually lead to the death of the human species.

  • Andrew Green

    So how many cocktail parties per day do you consider reasonable?

  • stobs

    Fuck Amerika, fuck Donny TinyHands, fuck anyone who defends murderous wretches like Obama and Trump. Go back to the US yourself, Beldon Butterfield, you imperialist slime — your Mexican neighbors don’t want you here. Signed, fluent Spanish speaker.

    • cooncats

      Try drinking less and learning more.

    • j_b_spence

      With anger like that I suggest you may have pre-Alzheimer’s symptoms!
      As cooncats says, drinking makes it only worse.

      p.s. Don’t wear your Fuck Trump tee-shirt to the Farmers’ Mkt any more.

  • Patricia Conner

    I lived over 40 yrs outside the USA. this article was so wierd that it made me look at Mark view too. we are in a digital age. Beldon lives in a world like the 50’s where communications were hard to get. there were few expats and not nearly then numbers of retirees. now the digital capacity gives us the ability to express our feelings first. it is one of the few perks. so although i liked part of Beldon statistics, i feel that my honesty to my mexican friends is more important. i have fun in mexico and feel awful at the additional problems Trump will cause to mexicans. it is my right to express that to them.

    • stobs

      My god, I was going to mention exactly the same thing. It sounds like he’s living in the 50s and thinks you need to get all your information from the Encyclopedia Britannica. I regularly bash Tinyhands and Amerika and am always told that foreigners such as myself will also be welcome in this country.

    • BETOXELA2015


      • Tio de Escondido

        You have to be kidding. Tell your American friends to keep your guns at home and stop doing so many drugs. Try running the city of LA without a Mexican.

        • ben

          LA IS mexican!

  • daniel pugh

    Wow. What an ugly US asshat.

    • Vernon King

      My oh my. We only have two cocktail parties a day in Ajijic What to do ….What to do. I am not going to comment on what was said as previous poster has already nailed it but I would like to point out that that most expats (lago chapala) speak some spanish here and most mexicans speak some english. Some learn more than others. We get along pretty well with our Spanglish and have for years and years lakeside.

    • ben

      not all of us crawl around & are self hating white folk. thats why the world disrespects the US. now we have DT that will change. good read.

  • Jumex

    Good Read. Thanks.

  • cooncats

    Interestingly, the educated and successful Mexicans I know all agree that Mexico has been taking advantage of the U.S. border for years, with the help of the U.S. of course, and they feel that this has allowed the government here to avoid cleaning up its act and creating opportunity at home.

    This country is basically owned and ruled by a few hundred wealthy families that find it very convenient to dump the problems across the border and get rich off of corruption, price fixing, restraint of trade and restraint of growth.

    The big question is why this country has failed its people so thoroughly that millions have had to leave to make a decent living. There’s nothing wrong with the Mexican people but there’s a whole lot wrong with the Mexican government and these fat, oligarchic pigs who have fed off of the people here.

    It is way past the time for Mexico to give the same respect to the American border that it demands and receives from expats for the Mexican border. It is not allowed here for expats to demonstrate, riot and wave foreign flags in the streets here and it is time for Mexicans to start behaving the same way in America.

    Respect is a TWO WAY STREET. We respect your immigration laws and border and your streets and it is time for you to do the same for America.

    • pedrochapala

      danny cooncats,yer a fekking joke who doesn’t have many mexican friends educated or otherwise. and you insult mexicans whenever you can. do you still snap yer fingers at wait staff in restaurants danny cooncats? i think you would be much happier back in the excited states. you haven’t learned a damn thing in the 8 years you’ve been here.

      • cooncats

        Showing your IQ again, Peter the Canadian?


      • ben

        hey trailer trash, dan lives in a wealthy section w/ nice mex neighors. jealous?

    • Güerito

      I think this is a very weak opinion piece, but I think the writer is correct in saying anti-US views are found most commonly in the media/professor/politico class in Mexico.

      Most Mexicans have a favorable view of the US and its people and government. This sentiment is even stronger among those who’ve lived in the US for a while, including those deported from the US.

    • Right on, brother. How correct you are.

    • Bob in exile

      How dare they come into the country we stole from them?? Can’t they read “Manifest Destiny”?

      • cooncats

        Spend some time reading up on history will ya, Bob? You might learn how it works on this planet. You don’t get to have territory you can’t hold. The “stolen” territory was neither governed effectively or populated by Mexico. So they lost it. The only parts of it that had significant populations were Texas, where the Mexicans invited the gringos in because they couldn’t populate it, and New Mexico which quickly formed much closer connections to the U.S. for practical reasons.

        California, AZ CO and NV were basically empty. Don’t believe me, look it up.

        If the U.S. doesn’t get control of its border, all of that land can be taken back by Mexico. Of course government here is such a failure those states would be far better off to form their own country than put up with the endemic corruption of this one.

        As long as Mexico is ruled by a criminal political class, they aren’t going anywhere and that includes taking back what they lost to the U.S.

        • Blanca Julia Garza Araujo

          The US stole the land… no question about it. Don’t just read your side of the story, read our side too. Now another thing, why don’t you get the hell out of my country?

          • Vernon King

            Trust me from experience. Don’t say get the hell out of my country. It makes you look worse than your target. Yes what you said a good argument. Isn’t that enough?

          • Blanca Julia Garza Araujo

            Yes, I agree with you Vernon. I’m truly sorry, unfortunately I was very upset with what he wrote… 🙁

          • cooncats

            Next time, do a better job of colonizing it. Government here has been a failure from the get go because it was based on the Spanish modida system, which hasn’t served anyplace very well.

            You lost it because you were unlucky enough to be invaded by the Spanish. They carved the place up for a few rich Spaniards, killed most of the native population, the place was bypassed by the great westward migration and you came up short.

            I suggest that instead of telling people who don’t agree with you to leave, you direct your energies into cleaning up your totally corrupt, thieving governmental system and perhaps there will begin to be some opportunity here so that millions of your countrymen not only wouldn’t feel motivated to leave, they’d come home as most really want to.

            Your problem isn’t America, your problem is right here at home. Fix it and stop looking for excuses and scapegoats.

          • Blanca Julia Garza Araujo

            No my problem isn´t America, because I live in America. I´m also an American…jejejejej My country is corrupt and my country has a lot to do to improve. But the people who came to the US stole the land, just the way the land was taken from the Natives…don´t forget that.

            Maybe I should send you some some truthful information, or are your facts alternative?

            Don’t ever forget that America is a continent, not a country…

            Oh, and as you can see from my picture, I’m a white person, 100% bilingual and very cultured. I do tell people who are criticizing my country to leave. I don’t believe they should be here where they feel so much animosity towards us, our people, and everything here.

            Now, just tell me if the US’s government isn’t corrupt. At least, here we all know about it, but in your country, there is so much corruption and the sad part is that people don’t accept it. Delusional…

            Now, I do believe I’m wasting my time here…

          • cooncats

            No, your problem is you aren’t educated about history, either Mexico’s or yours. Mexico couldn’t populate it they couldn’t administer it and so they lost it.

            By your reasoning, the Spanish “stole” Mexico from the Indios.

            You are emotion driven and trying to judge the events of hundreds of years ago using PC thinking and history. In those times, the land belonged to the people who could populate it, govern it and hold it.

            Mexico failed on all three counts. You, dear, are the one who is delusional. Wake up and grow up.

          • Hailey Mannering

            Part of the reason Mexicans go to US illegally is because some US interests want to continue a drug war that they know won´t win. The war on drugs costs Mexico 13 to 20% of it´s economy, it´s said. Legalizing marijuana in Mexico and US would be a start at reducing the number of “illegals” entering US.

          • cooncats

            Well I certainly agree with you about the futility of the drug war. It seems nothing was learned from prohibition. However you seem to be suggesting as many Americans do that Mexicans go to America for criminal purposes. Do you have data to support this theory?

          • Hailey Mannering

            I am not suggesting Mexicans go to USA for criminal purposes. Many Mexicans clearly go to USA due to the violence and damage to the Mexican economy caused by the war on drugs.

        • Happygirl

          “California, AZ CO and NV were basically empty. Don’t believe me, look it up”. Tell that to the native Americans…I think they have a different view…We were their illegal immigrants.

          • cooncats

            And that has what to do with this topic? BTW did you somehow miss the Spanish managed to kill off 90 percent of the indigneous population of this country after their invasion?

            Liberals are so selective in what matters to them, eh? OK for the Spanish to take it and kill most of the inhabitants, many of whom were quite advanced well beyond any of the so-called “native Americans” yet I guess that doesn’t matter.

            BTW, you do know that there were no “native” humans to this hemisphere at all? They were all migrants at some point.

        • gypsyken

          “You don’t get to have territory you can’t hold,” meaning that a more powerful country can take territory from a less powerful one, which must mean that it’s OK for Russia to take part of Ukraine? The residents of Texas, by the way, declared independence from Mexico because they were slave owners and Mexico abolished slavery and the U.S. had not. Look it up. Kenneth G. Crosby

    • Hailey Mannering

      Many people from Canada and US are working in Mexico without permission and without reporting their income to Mexican tax authorities.

      • cooncats

        Tens of millions? I don’t think so. There’s many and then there’s many. Canada only has about 200K illegal immigrants from everywhere.

        Why do Mexicans have to leave their country by the millions to find work and support their families?

        Why are so many of you apologists for a totally corrupt political system and a bunch of greedy oligarchs who created this situation and keep it going?

        • Hailey Mannering

          From what I read neither does the US have tens of millions “illegals”. Canada, by the way, takes in 10% of the world´s refugees (not counting those who have recently been fleeing the US into Canada) and immigrants form 21% of Canada´s population vs.14% in the US. So Canada lets more people in legally, so they don´t have to sneak in.

          • cooncats

            Unfortunately you didn’t read very carefully because that total is both legal and illegal. Roughly 12 millin.

            Nor did you notice the number cited for Canada, 200K, are illegal, which has nothing to do with the numbers you cited. You are comparing apples and oranges.

            And you are confusing war refugees with the much larger group of economic refugees which number in the millions. Given what has happened in Europe I wouldn’t be singing kumbaya in Canada and congratulating yourselves just yet.

            Roughly 12 million Mexicans have left this country and gone to the U.S. because opportunity has been so stifled here by the corrupt political system and the oligarchy of the rich families. This represents a huge drain of talent and energy, particularly in the case of the ones who have gone through the process and emigrated legally.

            There is no country in the world that takes more immigrants than the U.S.. It has 19 percent of the world’s data. See “Total Number of Immigrants” chart. The current illegal immigrant population is currently estimated by Pew at somewhere north of 11 million but who really knows since this population is very difficult to count, obviously.


            Canada simply does not have exposure to the criminal population operating along the U.S./Mexican border as the data clearly show.

            I wonder how come the learned academic hasn’t carried his interesting thinking to its logical conclusion and prescribed massive immigration into Mexico as the solution to its poor economic performance. Probably because his piece is nothing but a bunch of unsubstantiated/cherry picked hot air.

      • ben

        the horror the horror.

    • 101st

      I see the same thing, cooncats.

    • CPD

      And the US is ruled by several hundred wealthy families and the multinational corporations they control. Gee, we are not so different after all! It is way past time for us to quit pretending that it is otherwise.

      • cooncats

        You mean the people who couldn’t get Hillary elected?

        • CPD

          If you have eyes just take a look at Trump’s cabinet, advisors and appointments. Many look a lot like Clinton’s. Others are from the fruitcake right. Clinton was bad enough, but Trump is the biggest scumbag and sociopath ever- and by a huge distance- to hold the office.

          • cooncats

            Seek treatment for your TDS (Trump derangement syndrome).

            I know that having appointees who actually have accomplished something beyond community organizing and radical leftism is hard for you to stomach.

            You had your chance, you nominated a corrupt, lying old hag who managed to broadcast state secrets worldwide with her illegal personal server, and you lost.

            Get over it.

          • CPD

            This is not about Clinton, it is about Trump. You are attacking Clinton, not addressing the massively corrupt, hopelessly narcissistic and compulsively lying character who is now the President. Again- simply look at his cabinet and ask yourself- are the central appointments serving the same interests, indeed are the same people, as the Clinton’s corporate funders. Draining the swamp? Pissing in the swamp is more like it.

          • cooncats

            You had your chance and you blew it. Were your party not so obsessed with race and gender these days you could have nominated a Jim Webb who would have won going away. Your party has gone so far left and wacky it is out of sync with all of America except the two left coasts. I was a Democrat for many years, voted for Kennedy, Carter, Clinton.

            Time to stop whining, learn the lesson and get on with life.

          • TONE


          • CPD

            Not my partry, I didn’t want to choose between turds. By the way- the coastal states ARE the US’s economy, and overwhelmingly the source of wealth, and innovation. Living without the flyover places wouldn’t be tough.

          • cooncats

            Well I can’t argue with that sentiment. The two party system is badly screwed up in the U.S. But that doesn’t change the fact that the day of the open border going north is ending and everyone needs to get used to that and expect to start respecting U.S. immigration law the way the vast majority of we expats respect Mexican immigration law.

            First thing that has to happen is to get control of the situation and make it a whole lot harder for the drug, gun and people smugglers. Then the door is open to a reasonable solution for the people who are already there and keeping their noses clean. The new administration is making it very plain that this is the direction they want to go.

          • CPD

            As with so most of Trump’s stated goals bringing immigration policy in line with reality sounds ok. However, in practice the new administration appears to be motivated as much by race, religion and popular prejudice as by logic. You will note that he doesn’t call for the prosecution of employers who hire illegal workers. He does not want to restrict entry to the US from the countries who have materially conducted terrorist activities in the US- his friends the Saudis, Pakistan et al, only weak and powerless Moslem dominant countries where he and the multinationals have no economic stake .So many statements Trump has used to justify his erratic statements and actions are simply false and fear mongering.

          • CPD

            Again, attacking Clinton (for whom I did not vote) is not defending the crude vulgarian and compulsive liar the US has elected. I plan to keep apologising for the President and the narodnik rubes who support him.

    • 22somebody

      I have heard that there is no existence of any Govt. for common people on countries towards south after crossing US border !! all most the countries are actually run by drug Mafia || is it true ??

    • ben

      middle/upper class US mexicans want the wall. so do the legal working class. they dont want the same riff raff criminals & home invasions. i know, i speak w/them.

  • monoloco

    Really? How do you defend the Vietnam war, the invasion of Iraq, or the destruction of Libya?

  • Sherryl Haverhals

    Totally disagree with the tone of this article. The tone of the boastful, proud, old fart American based on Norman Rockwell folk art is long gone. The Dinosaurs thumping around on their last legs haven’t been able to adjust to the fact that the US is insolvent and the relationships with other countries and people in those countries are a great deal more interrelated, and dependence for everyone to keep their word based on trade agreements are important. You can’t just say, Nato, fuck off, Nafta, not doing it, Bibi, whatever you want, brother, Putin, I love, take Ukraine, no problem. Your boy’s going down. Take a back seat, grandpa, with your 4th of July Bullshit. Time to go home. Whereas, many of us here, are home.

    • gaymex1

      It’s really difficult to argue with the delusional, but that was an excellent attempt and I appreciate it. Facts don’t matter to Trump supporters. If facts mattered, Trump would have never been elected.

  • Güerito

    There’s no reason to resort to “my country right or wrong.” That’s what some Mexicans are saying right now, lending support to the corrupt ruling class destroying Mexico.

    On this issue (and many others) a lot of ex-pats say the same thing but with a twist: “my host country right or wrong.”

    Let the truth be your guide. Anyone who knows anything about Mexico knows the Mexican government is the worst enemy of the Mexican people. The enemy is at home, not abroad.

  • Güerito

    I think this is a very weak opinion piece, but I think the writer is correct in saying anti-US views are found most commonly in the media/professor/politico class in Mexico.

    Most Mexicans have a favorable view of the US and its people and government. This sentiment is even stronger among those who’ve lived in the US for a while, including those deported from the US. You’re more likely to hear these views if you’re fluent in Spanish.

    I must confess I also like the part about the English speaking “Mexican friends” really only being after your money. Very true!!

    I hate to say this to those thinking of moving to Mexico, but until you’re fluent in Spanish you’ll always be taken advantage of – thought of as a Chump. Mexicans think if you can’t speak Spanish you’re wealthy.

  • K. Chris C.

    I’m sorry that the US tyranny bombs, maims, and plunders, so many around the world each year, especially women and children. I’m sorry that so many of my American countrymen are so brainwashed and deluded that they believe that such behavior makes them “safe, ” and “exceptional.”

    Oh, when the go around comes around.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • JCM4

    screw you, dickhead!

  • Mike S

    Vladimir Trump is a vindictive, narcissistic, bigoted, pathological liar. He is inarticulate and insulting. He is a fake businessman who has parleyed his inheritance by suing people. He knows little about history, economics, or science but a lot about beauty pageants and celebrity golf tournaments. He reads very little. In short he is an embarrassing conman with authoritarian tendencies. It makes no difference where I live- those are my well researched opinions and I will offer them up. My Mexican friends tend to agree and find my observations interesting. I do not comment often on Mexican politicians; I leave that for my Mexican friends. It doesn’t surprise me that your Mexican friends dislike you. Shove it Belton.

  • gulfporter

    Have lived in MX for 5+ years. While I try not to think about US politics/administrations, I WILL not endorse our current Idiot in Chief to anyone. Wrong is wrong. Where I live doesn’t change my opinion of our Fascist so-called president.

  • Well put, Señor Butterfield. But 52 years down here, and you’re living in San Miguel?! Boy, you must feel out of place with all those geriatric hippies and faux artists. You’re a better man than I am.

  • Suzanne Giovannoni

    Hey, you. Don’t tell me what I should do. At 72 I know when we are fu*ked. Donny, el payaso peligroso, has brought this on himself and he is bringing hate down on us. He is a moron! As you can see, already we are less than welcome here. I can only appreciate that they still let us in. If you are such a supporter of Donald, then I agree…get your ass home! I hope you’ll enjoy it when Russia takes over completely. I apologize for your stupidity.

    • ben

      im a trump supporter. nationalism is back get ready. i am welcome here. mexicans who either like or dislike trump respect me. they know i dont give a FK what they think. i dont need the validation. stop crawling to the 3rd world. they love your money.

  • Kathy Sterndahl

    It is because I love the country of my birth that I will continue to fight against what the current government is trying to do to it. Immigrants are part of what makes America great! Because I intend to live in Mexico for the rest of my life, I agree with Mark Bilker. I am ashamed of how my country has treated Mexicans at least since the day President Polk ordered the US Army to invade this country so he could start a war and take half of Mexico.

  • Dan Tucker

    Lot of broad strokes in this article that are outdated and just plain wrong as most of the comments below confirm. Beldon would be better off sleeping more and writing less. I like what someone said earlier about another writer: ¨your ugly American is showing.¨

  • miabeach

    Racist Mexicans don’t see the US as a melting pot of humanity from around the world, they view it as a gringo country filled with uncaring white people. Mexicans see the US doing well, far better than Mexico, they see the US lead the world and wonder. They see our neighbor Canada do well also, they see Canada is a good neighbor who causes no trouble for the US and wonder. They see Burmuda do well, they see Burmuda is a good neighbor that does not cause trouble for the US. Then they see Mexico is a failure and they see Mexico causes nothing but trouble for the US and they wonder.

    • Hailey Mannering

      Ungrateful US people fail to appreciate the huge sacrifice Mexico has made at the request of the US in the war on drugs, which is fought mainly to benefit a few select interest groups. The US can´t use Latin America as the battleground for it´s war on drugs without expecting a resulting increase in refugees and “illegals.”

      • miabeach

        Your right. The war on drugs and the endless death and suffering doesn’t make the news in the US. Most Americans have little awareness of the drug cartels and such. And what is know is glorified in movies such as Cocaine Cowboys where the smugglers and drug lords are portrayed as rugged business leaders.

        • gypsyken

          The drug cartels are only practicing free enterprise, trying to meet the demands for their products in the U.S.

  • Bob in exile

    He forgot to mention ” Exploited by Foreign Companies”, The Minimum wage at most places is around $6 dollars a day. This is why Mexicans migrate (And send money back to their families…a painful process that President cheeto wants to squeeze a few more drops of blood from), It’s weirdos like this that keep me from going to English speaking enclaves.

    • cooncats

      Same question for you, Bob. Who do you think is enabling and in collusion with these foreign companies? Try the corrupt political and ruling elite here. Do you think it is America’s job to enable these people to get away with this?

    • ben

      they also bring drugs murder rape & all that good stuff you get off on. too bad the US politicans are stoppong POTUS from deporting those ppl. cleaning ladies stay, keep up w/the plot.

  • Commander Barkfeather

    “Beldon Butterfield is a writer and former publisher and media representative.” Hopefully, this will put to rest the myth about the “left wing media.”
    ” 2. Forty per cent of the Mexican work force is employed by a U.S. company or its subsidiary. That represents billions of dollars invested in the Mexican economy.” Actually, that represents billions saved by not employing US workers. Or do you believe those companies set up shop down here to improve international relations?

  • WestCoastHwy

    After reading some posts and skimming through the article, my first response is Apples and Oranges.

    Mexican Culture is Homogeneous. Mexico has been controlled by at the most part the PRI since the conception of it’s Constitution. Mexico’s Constitution was formed after a Mexican Ruling Dictatorship/Monarchy. Mexico continually treats it’s Citizens like Zoo Animals. As of Today, the Mexican Government is Extorting Hundreds of Billions of Peso from it’s Citizens through Gas, Tax, and other fees such as Toll Roads hikes while keeping Wage at a Global Low.

    The US of only a small part of American is allowing Conglomerate Corporations to turn large area of the US of only a small part of American into Ghettos and if Banking Deregulation is allowed, better sell on the High because the US of only a small part of American will Deflate to levels that even the Best Porn Star will not be able to Blow back up.

  • Douglas Ledbury

    Nice to read comments that nailed the attitude you still are so proud to carry.
    Expatriat means expatriot, buddy.

  • Vernon King

    Why are you shouting at us??

    • Hailey Mannering

      Betoxela2015 is giving us an order. I don´t even know any Mexican who wants to live in US. The figures for Yucatan state show that only 2% of people here do now. I believe it too. There are more people moving to Yucatan state from the US than vice versa. Maybe I should order the US to fight their own destructive war on drugs so more “illegals” will return to Mexico ?

    • Joanne Bee

      Because he is old? My father used to do that online. He was in his late 80’s/

  • Tio de Escondido

    If you love America so damn much, go back. We do not need to defend bad behaviour. If we believe America is making a mistake we need to admit it out loud. America has been an arrogant bully for a long time and has treated Mexico badly. I am an American citizen living in Canada and am often embarrassed by American behaviour whether by George Bush or now mr. Trump and his administration. Mexicans will respect us if we own our bad behaviour as well as taking pride in what the US does well, although right now there is not much to take pride in except for the wonderful protests that stand up for free speech, minorities rights and due process.

  • benjamin schatz

    Soy de Los Estados Unidos, Tengo 14 años viviendo en Mexico, y mis amigos Mexicanos me respetan MAS, no MENOS, por ser abierto a criticar el racismo de mi “presidente”, y tambien los problemas de Mexico. Y si, Sr Butterfield, hablo español! The idea that Americans must defend their country no matter what it does is antithetical to the First Amendment. I carry my freedom of expression with me — even to coctail parties (which, you will be disappointed to know, I virtually never attend). Your narrow-minded, neo-colonialist perspective is despicable

  • Chris P. Bacon

    I want to thank Mexico News Daily for allowing the posting of articles and views that run contrary to the views of most of its readership. My observation is that most of MDN readers are of the liberal soft anti-American bent, so it is courageous, I believe (and very American), to allow the posting of articles with a more conservative point of view. The reality is that there are quite a few of us Americans that live here in Mexico of a more conservative bent. We do not view it as a contradiction to love Mexico and Mexicans and also desire a secure border and halt rampant illegal immigration. We desire a strong, law-abiding, and prosperous Mexico as well as a strong and prosperous America!!

  • Epazote

    As a comment that is meant as a side bar, and not to detract from your main message, If you have ever studied the science of species extinctions throughout the geologic time scale, over-specialization of a species is one of the prime causes for extinction besides natural catastrophes. Geographic barriers is another. Reading up on it and you will recognize how prophetic your final sentence could be and how important learning to get along is essential to our own survival. The indicators that the human species is well on its way to extinction are all there. Fingers crossed we still have a few geological epochs to go before the next mass extinction, ours.
    On your message side, you are very right that learning the actual issues being disputed rather than focusing on the gut emotional issues, is a good way to start. There is nothing wrong about wanting Mexicans to cross the US border legally, nor is there anything wrong with wanting to find a humane approach to the many illegals already in the USA. One that does not tear families apart with the brutality we are seeing in recent videos being posted.
    Maybe start using the comments section to come up with constructive ideas how to solve each complex issues instead of taking pot shots at each other? Learning to play nicely with each other, as we teach our children to do.

    • Robert Hutchings

      Visualize a trump conviction for treason, and him spending the rest of his life in prison!

    • jb

      there is no illegal crossing of mexicans over the border. the border crossed THEM.

  • One should never defend the indefensible. “My country right or wrong” is the mentality that leads to extreme nationalism and war. This column is the epitome of the “Ugly American” right down to blaming “leftist intellectuals” for hating the US. One should recognize the positive and negative actions of their country. If they are blind to the errors of their country for fear of being labelled unpatriotic, then they cannot learn the lessons of history. Really this author exemplifies blind loyalty, not patriotism. When one is patriotic, they love their country even if it means critiquing or resisting the current government. Trump’s regime deserves resistance by patriots. America is better than xenophobia and racism that this GOP administration is codifying into policy and law.

  • Andre Leonard

    Outstanding summary of relevant facts. Like and share with as many as possible. Mexico as we know it would not even exist were it not for American generosity. Sad is the country whose biggest export is it’s people. 11 million so far.

    • gypsyken

      Mexico would certainly not be as it is today if the U.S. had not seized more than a third of it.

  • Jayne Halle

    Has Fake News invaded San Miguel….3 parties a day? My friends speak Spanish or are taking Spanish classes. We spend time in multiple volunteer activities that benefit Mexican families so we would not be able to participate in the mythical social schedule you describe. I believe in giving back to this wonderful country, and consider it a privilege to live here. It is difficult for me to comprehend supporting Trump’s insanity, and that of the Republican party while enjoying the tax breaks and lifestyle that Mexico offers to the expat. Maybe you need to return to the USA and help Trump with his wall.

  • Three score and ten

    MND, did you not read this malicious rant before publishing it? I’m disappointed.

  • cooncats

    Another one who slept through history or got brain washed with the alternative version. I’m ashamed of the schools that taught you this crap.

    • gypsyken

      What “crap” are you talking about, cooncats? (I understand that your real name may be Dan Houck, and you should muster the courage to use it.) Are you into “alternative facts” as the regime of Il Duce Trump is? Can you identify a factual history of the U.S. that does not acknowledge that the Mexican war was undertaken by the U.S. for the specific purpose of seizing Mexican territory? Kenneth G. Crosby

      • cooncats

        Well Ken, no one disputes the U.S. took the territory. You must be reading challenged since I am simply pointing out that Mexico neither populated nor governed it and it was ripe for the taking. I have never claimed they didn’t take it. It was a sitting duck, dummy.

        And that, for the PC fools like yourself, is how it works out here in the real world particularly at that time.

        The Spanish took it from the Indios because they were outgunned and the gringos took it from the hopelessly incompetent and corrupt Mexican government because they were outsmarted and outgunned.

        And if the U.S. doesn’t defend it, Mexico or someone else will take it from them. Only stupid liberals like yourself try to anthropomorphize history and judge it by today’s standards. Although if you’ll take the blinders off and look aroufnd you the same damn thing is going on in various parts of the world right now.

        Make sure you mail back that Social Security check. You don’t want to take money from a country you hate so much. However, I suspect your sense of fabricated moral outrage doesn’t extend near that far. Hypocrite.

        • gypsyken

          Your comments betray your lack of intellect, which is characteristic of right-wing ideologues. You also display cowardice by hiding behind a user name instead of identifying yourself to your Mexican neighbors, so that they can know how you view them and their country. I never said that I hate the U.S., which is not the same as saying that I am not a patriot. As to my Social Security benefits, they come from my money that I paid into the system during all my working years. They are not given to me by the the U.S., which merely held in trust for me the money I was required to pay into the system, while using it as banks use deposits, and paying a small rate of interest for that.

          • cooncats

            As per usual for a liberal idiot, when you can’t carry the argument you get personal. And try to get someone you don’t agree with made a target.

            Remember that can work both ways.

            Why don’t you ring me up and let’s get together and you can call me a coward to my face. It is easy to hide behind your keyboard, let’s see just how many balls you have.

            No you sure as hell aren’t a patriot, you are a panderer and an enabler that doesn’t have the balls to be honest with the people here. What I find most interesting is that all the Mexicans I know are very clear their own government has been screwing them royally and using the U.S. to dump their problems and take the pressure off.

            There’s no excuse for a government so bad that 20 million people have to leave the country to make a living. Only an idiot like you would make excuses for them.

            And go do the calculations and you’ll discover you long since got your money back and a lot more and you are living off the back of the working people in America. Your math is as good as your history, which ain’t very good at all.

            I can guarantee we have a lot more invested in this country and we put a helluva lot more into it than you do. I just don’t chose to lie to people and pretend that respect isn’t a two way street. Lying to people, a favorite activity of you lefties and your fake media these days, isn’t doing anyone a favor.

          • gypsyken

            You have confirmed my opinion of you.

          • cooncats

            Another brilliant argument I see. Facts really piss you off.

            I’ll be in touch about that opportunity for you to call me a coward to my face. I know you wouldn’t want to miss it.

          • gypsyken

            I have no interest in meeting you, Mr. Dan Houck. I don’t enjoy the company of stupid people, especially those who are biased right-wing ideologues and don’t know that they’re stupid. Psychological research has demonstrated that conservatives have difficulty in receiving and processing new information and modifying their positions accordingly as appropriate. That’s what differentiates conservatives from liberals. I just want your Mexican neighbors to know who you are and what you think of them and Mexico.

          • cooncats

            I have no interest in meeting you either Mr. Kenneth G. Crosby but I wouldn’t deny you the opportunity to insult me to my face. I’m curious as to whether you are the ball less wonder you appear to be in your posting here.

            I’m also curious, Mr. Artist, if you are selling your “art” here and taking business away from Mexican artists. I’ll wager you are not only doing that, you are doing it illegally.

            Not surprised to see you trot out the junk psychology. It really didn’t take you long to descend into personal attack when your positions were shown to be factual BS and your real problem, an inability to deal with opinions that differ from your own leftist wackoism, became quite apparent.

            My Mexican neighbors pretty much agree with me. Unlike you liberal stupids, they know who their real enemy is–the corrupt government thieves and the oligarchy here that has held them down for centuries and held this country back to the point that millions had to flee it to find a way to make a living.

            I’m looking forward to our meeting. Let’s see how brave you are in person.

            Oh, and BTW genius, you might want to notice that most people here post under a pen name. So basically you called all of those cowards. Of course we know the name calling was really all about getting your ass kicked in debate and being unable to handle it.

          • gypsyken

            I am calling cowards only people like you who hide behind usernames to insult Mexico and Mexicans, even as they are advantaging themselves by living among them. The thousands of Mexicans who demonstrated against Il Duce Trump across Mexico last weekend obviously do not agree with you, nor do your Mexican and expats neighbors who demonstrated in Ajijic on January 21. I wish that your Mexican neighbors would deal with you.

            Among your stupid and false assertions is that I am “living off the back of the working people in America.” The fact is that I paid money into the Social Security system for more than twice the number of years that I have been withdrawing my money from it, and I cannot live long enough to withdraw money for anything like the number of years I paid into the system. Furthermore, some of the money I paid into the system has gone to an insurance program that supports people who have become disabled and unable to work. Unlike conservatives such as you, I do not resent that use of my money. In addition, a significant proportion of my Social Security benefits goes to pay premiums for Medicare, which I have almost never used. I do not resent that, either, as unless conservatives such as you succeed in destroying it, Medicare will be there for me should I need it What I and other liberals do object to is the desire of you conservatives to destroy Social Security and Medicare by privatizing them, so that some of what workers pay into them goes into the pockets of brokers, further enriching the owners of financial institutions that are already sucking much too much money from the US.economy, a predictable result of free-market capitalism.

            Your rejection of valid psychological research is merely part of the rejection of science by closed-minded conservatives whose positions are based upon ideology rather than upon evidence. Scientists are currently responding to the attack on science by Il Duce Trump’s regime by archiving climate change data that the regime will likely seek to destroy. There will be anti-Trump marches by scientists and supporters of science in the U.S. and perhaps other countries on April 22.

            The United States, by the way, ranks only at number 18 in the 2016 index of corruption of countries, far below the social democracies that conservatives such as you deplore.

          • cooncats

            Yadda, yadda yadda. Your pay in is long gone and you know it and now you’re disrespecting the country that continues to send you those checks. You’re a hypocrite and a parasite.

            And a lover of junk science like all good liberal stupids.

            I’ll have to admit that even by the standards around here, you are unusually unpleasant and I look forward to having you repeat that coward slur to my face.

          • ben

            ken has left mex. in the last 4 months he has gone off the rails. judging by his non stop ranting last week, he has entered dementia.

          • ben

            they arent reading this & they dont care. trump got more of the hispanic vote than any republican.

          • ben

            come back & confront. you can put on your pink pussyhat, bring the nasty women who are “with her” to stand in front of cooncats house & scream bigot nazi racist phobe. there are many self hating americans who will join you. bring it on big shot.

          • ben

            dan uses his real name all the time. everyone from this area knows who he is. he is the owner of that famous cat.

  • 22somebody

    the USA has to pock his nose into the marijuana product business for the safty of of rest of the world ,, All marijuana cultivations land must be destroyed , USA must kill all marijuana smugglers !!

  • 22somebody

    I support Donald trump !! population flow carrying marijuana which is originating from central america and maxico to rest of the world through USA must stop !! KILL MARIJUANA AND SAVE THE WORLD !!!!

    • James Madison

      Somebody has to buy that weed. American dope heads from every segment of society create the market for drugs. Without American demand there is no drug trade. Who wrestled you to the ground lately and made you smoke dope? Oh, but It is everyone’s fault except Americans who demand the dope by the truckload. Stupid twit.

  • cooncats

    Well since the Mexican and Salvadoran gangs basically run LA you probably have a good point here.

  • What surprises me is that someone has lived in Mexico for more than 50 years and seems to have not assimilated at all and still identifies as an expat. Most the people that I know, including myself, that have lived in Mexico for a long time have become Mexican citizens – many with Mexican families, children, grandchildren, etc. I still retain US citizenship but I identify as Mexican, my children are Mexican, my grandchildren are Mexican. I am a Mexican attorney with a practice with 2 of my daughters, also Mexican Attorneys. I have spent more than half my life in Mexico and would never return to the US to live.

    • ben

      yes it does surprise me that there are generations of mexicans who never learned english or left the US barrio. they work w/in that neigborhood or other low skilled jobs where language doesnt matter. or they dealdrugs. never ceases to amaze me. i do wish they would assimilate & intermarry as well.

  • gypsyken

    This article represents jingoism in its most virulent form. I had nothing whatever to do with being born, let alone being born in the U.S., and I am a U.S. citizen only because my parents were such. It was not a decision I ever made, and there is absolutely no reason for me to consider that I am an ambassador of the U.S., especially of its rulers. As a matter of fact, when traveling internationally (I have visited 68 countries and all seven continents) I have never felt the need or it being useful to identify myself as an American, since so many American travelers are justifiably viewed as “ugly” ones. When asked where I’m from, my sole answer has been that I am a U.S. citizen, until recently living in Mexico. “My country right or wrong” is an utterly disgusting sentiment. As Samuel Johnson said, “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”. And I refuse to call any human being “illegal,” as the author of this article does. Kenneth G.Crosby

  • jcoake

    Disgusting bigoted article full of lies. Surprised Mexico News Daily published this.

  • Patricia Conner

    lol. fyi, i was born before 1950 and was able addressing the issue of “defend your country” and not immigration. that is another issue. one thing at a time, please.

  • Hailey Mannering

    Canada is already carrying too large a load of immigrants: whether they be legal, undocumented or refugees. Canada has 1/2% of the world´s population but was already taking in 10% of the world´s refugees. 22% of people in Canada are foreign born vs. 14% of US population. I hope arrangements will be made in the US to stop frightening more refugees into fleeing into Canada.

  • Eugene Nero

    I think the USA should adopt Mexican migracion law & here’s why:

    1.Where I live every week there is an article or two in the local Mexican newspaper saying that the police were called regarding weird, unacceptable behavior by a gringo or a MEX-AM. 2 examples, last week an American male from California entered a store and started to throw product around. No real explanation was given. The police came, asked for the man’s papers. The police state he didn’t have any, so they called migracion who promptly deported him.
    2.In another case a MEX-AM Katy Hurtado made here move in a health clinic. She insulted other patients and threw her meds to the floor. Ditto. Staff called the police and the police called migracion who deported her for lack of papers.
    3.Sanctuary cities aren’t even imaginable in Mexico because Mexican law requires that the police call migracion.
    4.I can certainly understand getting ticked off in a Mexican health facility. I’m dying from heart failure and I also have atrial fibrillation, COPD and every winter bronchitis or pneumonia. Sometimes it’s necrotic pneumonia. Last year on May 5th I dragged myself into the local emergency room and begged for help. I was dying of pneumonia. On the wall was a huge diagram delineating proper triage: EMERGENCY PATIENTS FIRST & THEN THE REST. Except that the secretary at the front desk refused to honor the hospital’s triage command. She moved patients into the emergency room on a first come first serve basis. So all the people who were there before me for their regular check ups were seen first. AND I’LL NEVER UNDERSTAND WHY CHECK UP PATIENTS ARE IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM TO BEGIN WITH! I was told I should have called the red cross. That way they would have been forced to see me first. I hate to stir up such a hub-bub, but now I know. If I weren’t close to death I would have raised hell. And the police would have come and then would have call migracion. SADISM AT IT’S UTMOST!

    1.In this area residency cards go for between 230 and 852 dollars, depending upon the stupidity level of the foreigner. But according to local migracion officials, the foreigner must prove a monthly income of 25,000. In fact one lawyer informed me that I would have to prove a monthly income of 2000 dollars! I don’t understand it because I just read in the TJ papers that 300 Haitians just applied for residency! HOW CAN THEY? They don’t have 230 or 852 dollars! I do believe these charges are based on one’s passport and not on any real law enacted by the Mexican Congress.
    2.If the USA were to demand residency cards like the Mexican cards, it would legalize all the illegal aliens in the country. But it wouldn’t provide a work permit. A work permit must be requested once a residence card is obtained.
    3.Here in Mexico, by law migracion must keep tabs on all foreigners. In the USA, once they enter the country and pass the ICE counter, immigration blocks them out of their minds.
    I think the USA should adopt Mexican migracion law.

  • ben

    not immigrants, economic migrants. many collect welfare, single mothers 1000s of anchor babies, many gangs drug dealers killers 1/3 of US prison are illegal aliens. TRUMP 2020 eat your heart out. i make no secret of this regardless if you are mex or expat. we are tired of the crimes of the azteca drug gangs. US bowed to mex & islam, but those days are over. we are no longer for sale. old traitor, stay in mexico.

  • ben

    12 million was from year 2000.

  • ben

    its chic to hate america. everyone else is a nazi.