Quintana Roo Governor Roberto Borge: one of the awful ones. Quintana Roo Governor Roberto Borge: one of the disgraceful.

Those who lost were disgraceful or unfit

Punishment vote was delivered in four states in June 5 elections

Although some stubborn individuals insist that the results of the recent elections — in which the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) won only five races for governor — were a punishment vote for the administration of President Enrique Peña Nieto, it is undeniable that a higher public approval rating for the federal government would have helped the three-color party.


The real punishment vote was performed according to the purest rules of democracy: the most discredited and corrupt governing parties lost, such as those in Veracruz, Tamaulipas, Chihuahua and Quintana Roo, all of them disgraceful — and all of PRI extraction — or those who were unfit such as the three-party alliance of the National Action (PAN), Democratic Revolution and Citizens’ Movement parties in Oaxaca.

Some PRI members and nonpartisan citizens have complained about the president’s inaction to remove the awful governors from office, but they forget that one of the greatest successes of our Mexican democracy was to reduce the discretionary power of a presidentialist system that could name and remove governors at will.

Former president Vicente Fox tried but was unable to remove Ulises Ruiz, the Oaxaca governor, despite the 2006 crisis of the teachers’ union and the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO).

The elections of June 5 were also a measure of the failure of independent candidacies. They only managed to win a couple of relevant mayors’ offices, and in the gubernatorial candidacies no more than shameful percentages of the vote.

In the face of the stupid opinions of those who delusionally insist that Mexico is on the brink of becoming a failed state, the elections concluded well with great administration in thousands of polling stations (as we were able to witness here in Puerto Escondido), with a minimum of incidents or violence.

We know that Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his party Morena (National Renovation Movement) will make their usual accusations of fraud while at the same time extolling their wins.


But Morena couldn’t win Zacatecas, the only state where it participated at the governor’s level, and an anticipated source of funds for López Obrador’s presidential campaign in 2018.

In the end it was a democratic election and one of rotation that was inclusive of all political stripes.

There will be elections in three states in 2017 but the big prize will be the State of México. With over 11.5 million inhabitants, it has been until now the greatest electoral preserve of the PRI.

Armando González is a journalist and broadcaster who lives in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.

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  • Güerito

    MORENA ran candidates for governor in all 12 states where elections were held for governor. They lost all 12, but, contrary to what’s reported above, they ran candidates in all of them.

    As for accusations of fraud, PRI without a doubt was the champion, announcing the day after the election it would contest the results in ALL seven governors races it lost. That was hilarious, especially since they lost Tamaulipas by 15 points!!

    It’s unclear at this point, but it looks like PRI will contest the results in Aguascalientes (where PAN won). In Veracruz (where PRI/PAN won) both PRI and MORENA (!) will contest the results. PRD is contesting in Tlaxcala where PRI won.

  • PAN and PRI are both corporate parties much like the GOP and Dems in the United States. PAN only appears cleaner because they steal their money via capitalism (underpaying their workers for the value added). Both groups ignore the plight of los pueblos. Morena and PT are the two main voices of the common worker in Mexico and because neither has the corporate backing, both are pushed aside.

    • Güerito

      PT, unfortunately, is now aligned with PRI, after PRI saved them from extinction in a weird re-do Governor’s election last year in Colima. PT ran in an allaince with PRI/Verde/Panal in Aguascalientes and Chihuahua on June 5.

      • That only proves that PRI is the “lesser evil” just as the Dems are the “lesser evil” in the US. Let us hope that it was a one time thing for PT.

        • Güerito

          Being the only party with a truly national reach and having demonstrated truly authoritarian, anti-democratic tactics while in power, I could never call PRI a lesser evil.

    • mrpoohead

      Whilst GOP and Dems are sponsored by the same industrial groups and conglomerates – does anyone, anywhere represent the people? Plutocracy left, plutocracy right.

      • There is a great article from The Nation (1 May 2003) by Sheldon Wolin who argued the case that the US is an inverted totalitarian state where the forms of democracy are used to conceal the lack of actual democracy. More recently (18 April 2014, TPM) a study out of Princeton found that the US is no longer a democracy. The reality is that democracy was never intended to respect all people as equals. It was a system in which the landed aristocracy used to wrest control from the monarchical powers. They used language of inclusion but retained power for themselves. We the People don’t vote everyday. Most of us live far away from centers of power. What we do is work everyday. The only real democracy is a democracy that includes economic democracy, where We the People have power in our place of work to make real and present changes to our daily lives. The word for economic democracy is socialism via trade unionism, NOT via the State (socialism from below rather than from above).

        • mrpoohead

          Plutocracy with rampant greed is what the US has – don’t see socialism anywhere. No point in voting, nothing will change. I am lucky enough to have more than one passport by virtue of ancestors. Lived in Europe – there they have parties that represent all, they swing and society has balance. Never voted for the left when there, but I believe democracy gives them a better society – no where is utopia, but at least they are trying.

  • Güerito

    There’s an interesting issue emerging in the post-election analyses. Some conservative members of PRI and some Evangelical and Catholic groups are claiming PRI losses were caused by EPN’s proposals on gay marriage and marijuana reform.

    The religious groups say they rallied the troops to vote against PRI based on these initiatives proposed by EPN. The PRI challenge to the results in Aguascalientes will rely on anti-PRI documents distributed in some Catholic churches in that state the week before the election.


  • Güerito

    One more thing not mentioned here. Nine independent candidates won in Mayor’s races, including in Cuidad Juárez, the fifith largest city in the country.

  • Güerito

    Very pleasant update:

    “The head of Mexico’s ruling party has resigned following the group’s poor showing in governorship elections earlier this month.

    The Institutional Revolutionary Party is better known as the PRI, for its initials. Manlio Fabio Beltrones was PRI party president until he resigned Monday.”


    Compare: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/opinion/pri-elects-beltrones-shrewd-and-astute/

  • Güerito

    PRI chilloncillos (crybabies) just got Mayor’s race in Zacatecas thrown out. What a bunch of whining pansies who don’t know how to lose!