Las bicicletas Gilberto Aceve Navarro and one of his bicycles. Las Bicicletas

Mexican artist takes his bicycle show Las Bicicletas to New York

One hundred and twenty-two bicycles were unveiled in New York yesterday, but you can’t ride them. The bicycles are the work of an internationally-known Mexican artist and form an exhibition called Las Bicicletas.

It consists of silhouettes of orange, red and white bicycles and is designed to promote healthy living and art, according to its creator, Gilberto Aceve Navarro. It is part of a travelling exhibition that began in Mexico City in 2008.

“My hope is to provoke people to think differently, to look around for alternatives that help us and the environment,” the 84-year-old artist told the Daily News, who describes the exhibition as “a bridge between art, healthy living and environmental awareness through an inspiring artistic expression.”

Each uniquely shaped bicycle weighs about 550 kg. Aceve Navarro sketches each one before they are cut with a laser from 1 cm-thick steel plates.

The artist sees the bicycle as a universal symbol “that transcends cultural differences and can improve many contemporary issues that affect us all.” The project is “an invitation to participate in turning small actions into big change.”

After New York the Las Bicicletas will be seen in Chicago and London next year and Denmark in 2017.

The artist is both painter and sculptor and has had over 200 exhibits of his work in Mexico, Japan and the United States.

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